Commander Michael López-Alegría and Neo-Classical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK Make Music & Space History with Live Duet

Commander Michael López-Alegría and BLKBOK; History-Making Duet Music Performance April 14, 2022 (Photo/Video: NASATV/AxiomSpace/uniphigood)

History Making Music Event Seeks to Foster Dialogue about Music and Education,
and to Highlight the Importance of STEAM as an Educational Discipline.

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA, USA, April 15, 2022 / — Commander Michael López-Alegría and Neo-Classical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK Make Music & Space History with Live Duet.
Performance Premiered Exclusively on Today

First-Ever Music Duet Performance, with Private Astronaut from Space, Includes Stars (Ad Astra) and a 50th Anniversary Tribute to Rocket Man

Event seeks to foster dialogue about music and education, and to highlight the importance of STEAM as an educational discipline.

Cape Canaveral, FL – (April 15, 2022) – Today, April 15, 2022, Commander Michael López-Alegría, and Neo-Classical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK, premiered their music and space history-making duet performance of Stars (Ad Astra), a BLKBOK original composition, exclusively on BLKBOK also performed Rocket Man, written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, in a fitting tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the iconic track, as well as to Commander López-Alegría and the entire crew.

This was the first-ever music duet performance between a Private Astronaut from Space and a Musician on Earth, and featured Commander Michael López-Alegría live from on orbit, and BLKBOK live in a recording studio on the ground. The two had previously collaborated as part of Astronaut López-Alegría’s induction into the prestigious Astronaut Hall of Fame where BLKBOK originally debuted Stars (Ad Astra), as well as BLKBOK’s National Astronaut Day debut performance in 2021. López-Alegría and BLKBOK practiced together virtually during mission quarantine, and collaborated on the musical compositions for the duet that were customized to mitigate risk related to potential challenges related to Space transmissions including latency and technical considerations.

The idea for this history-making performance from Space stemmed from a desire by both López-Alegría and BLKBOK to encourage a dialogue about music and education in general, and to highlight the importance of STEAM as an educational discipline. As something that they both have experienced to spark their interest and lifelong love of the arts and sciences they wanted to support the concept of including the Arts, along with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM), in education to prepare students to become innovators, in our ever-evolving world. Something they believe that is mission critical, not only for the future of the students but for the future of us all.

About Astronaut Michael López-Alegría;
Michael López-Alegría is the Chief Astronaut for Axiom Space and Commander of the Ax-1 mission. López-Alegría is a four-time astronaut, having flown on Space Shuttle missions STS-73, STS-92, and STS-113, and served as Commander of ISS Expedition 14, flying to and from the ISS aboard Soyuz TMA-9. He holds NASA records for the most Extravehicular Activities (EVA) or “space walks” (10) and cumulative EVA time (67 hours 40 minutes). In 2021, he was inducted to the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. His work on Ax-1 leverages his experience in traditional government space exploration to help forge a new era of private human spaceflight.
Formerly, López-Alegría was the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and has served on several advisory boards and committees including the Human Exploration and Operations Committee of the NASA Advisory Council, the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee, and is Chairman of ASTM International’s Committee on Commercial Spaceflight. He is also the past President of the Association of Space Explorers. López-Alegría was born in Madrid, Spain and immigrated to the United States with his family.
His son Nicolas (Nico) López-Alegría is currently working on a documentary film about their shared journey and the Ax-1 mission. Listen to the Alegría Playlist here on Spotify.
Learn more about Commander Michael López-Alegría at, follow the journey @CommanderMLA.
Listen to Commander MLA’s On Orbit Space Playlist Further Beyond on Spotify.


BLKBOK, Neo Classical Piano Renegade & Culture Innovator, was born and raised in Detroit’s inner-city, BLKBOK (born Charles Wilson III), grew up in a music-filled house and by the time he was 8, BLKBOK was an acclaimed piano prodigy, winning statewide accolades and college-level competitions. When it came to music, most of the kids he grew up with pursued hip-hop, adopting rap names. However, it’s no coincidence that Charles chose the name BLKBOK, which echoes that of one of the greatest pianists and composers of all time. The tag is also an apt reflection of the elements that have contributed to the artist’s identity and symbolizes his colorful journey from pop and hip-hop culture to his critically acclaimed, neo-classical debut album Black Book, and various Mixtape projects and collaborations.

BLKBOK is no stranger to the industry grind, having hit the road throughout his career as a lead pianist or musical director with artists including Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Cirque Du Soleil, John Mayer and more. BLKBOK’s explosive and immersive live music performances engage his audience with his incredible talent and channels his experience from sharing the stage with the World’s biggest performers.

BLKBOK’s critically-acclaimed debut album Black Book, served as a founding cornerstone at the very first Juneteenth Foundation’s Freedom Concert and will be re-released as a DLUX Edition this June. His first Mixtape release, CVRART, and Mixtape project Angels Watching Over Me, with world-renowned tenor Lawrence Brownlee, illustrate the innovative and disruptive musical landscape that is BLKBOK. His newest track Stars (Ad Astra) was premiered at the prestigious Astronaut Hall of Fame and a featured track with for his history making performance with Commander MLA, as part of the first-ever Private Astronaut Mission to the International Space Station in 2022.

BLKBOK is currently launching his US 2022 Mixtapes & Counterpoint Tour, more information and tour dates may be found here. BLKBOK's live, high-energy performance is culturally reflective and seeks to entertain with a live piano-based performance like none you have ever seen before. BLKBOK's vision is to illuminate awareness for all, encouraging dialogue and counterpoint in the way we perceive ourselves and the world we live in together.

For more vibes and info please visit and Follow and Listen on all platforms @BLKBOK.
Listen to Stars (Ad Astra) on Spotify.

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