Compass Carbon Introduces New Software Platform for Carbon Sequestration Projects

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 / — Compass Carbon, LLC today introduced its new Syntaq technology platform, a fully automated, data management, monitoring and analysis technology designed specifically for the needs of large-scale and complex carbon sequestration projects.

Syntaq replaces the manual data processing methods currently used in the industry with a secure, scalable and quickly deployable solution. Syntaq manages unparalleled levels of data required for large-scale carbon sequestration projects and provides the highest level of analytics in support of our credit issuances.

o Syntaq is capable of managing the vast amounts of data required for the development of large-scale Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects. For example, a single IFM project will require the management and analysis of terabytes of remote sensing data. Manual data processing methods currently utilized in the industry would require large numbers of separate databases or spreadsheets to be analyzed, making the development of large-scale projects cumbersome, slow and often impracticable.

o Syntaq allows Compass Carbon to bring large-scale projects to market much quicker; where others in the industry would require several years to reach the first credit issuance, Compass Carbon estimates 18 months. This allows for lower project risk as capital can be returned much quicker.

o Syntaq allows Compass Carbon to issue credits with enhanced quality profiles supported by unparalleled amounts of data. Rather than relying on a generalized forestry model, Syntaq-generated credits can be linked to specific groupings of trees in the project area. This level of transparency in tracking the provenance of project credits is unmatched in the industry.

o Syntaq also facilitates ongoing project monitoring, reporting and verification efforts by allowing verifiers direct access to unsurpassed amounts of well-organized project information that streamlines the verification process. This enhanced data management promotes lower project verification costs and faster turnaround time for verification efforts.

“Lack of cutting-edge technology prevents the carbon industry from developing projects that generate high-volume, high-quality carbon credits that the market demands. Manual data processing methods are simply too slow for timely large-scale project execution and are prone to computational errors, which can lead to an increased risk of credit invalidation and negatively impacts market acceptance of credits. Our proprietary, industry-leading Syntaq software platform gives us the ability to manage complex, large-scale developments and produce “AAA-rated” carbon credits with enhanced quality and security profiles.," said Shayne Reeb Compass Carbon's Director of Technology.

Compass Carbon, LLC is a carbon sequestration project developer and technology company focused primarily on large-scale, Improved Forest Management projects. Compass partners with clients to develop turn-key carbon sequestration programs that have environmental, social and financial benefits.

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