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Connecting The Dots for Commercial Development in Tampa Bay

TAMPA, Fla. – If you are from Tampa, you know that one thing is constant – construction projects never stop. Well, a group behind the scenes is helping those projects run a bit smoother. A local Tampa company, InVision Advisors runs the gamut when it comes to planning, execution, design, construction, and inspection of commercial developments.  

Construction projects, just like most complex things in life, require a wealth of planning and oversight. For many companies that are building or developing, they call in experts to help them save time and money, in addition to relying on them for expert advice. Throughout a project, there are critical details that have to be addressed, as well as project goals that have to be checked off. Over the past several years and especially over the last several months, services that offer project oversight have become more popular as workforces around the nation are challenged with the pandemic.

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Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore is a registered Architect and for years he saw the need for unique project development and oversight. Taking on these critical needs –  lessens the load for the owner. His company, InVision Advisors takes on all aspects of the design, build, and close-out along with 50 other steps along the way,  They act as Owner’s Representatives. They are the owner’s secret weapon.

How his firm is different is they act as your advisor through every aspect of the project.

Moore says, “What if you could have an expert in design and construction by your side, advising you and maintaining the budget and schedule with the lessons of over 1,000 completed projects. You can. Invision Advisors becomes an extension of your staff.”

They offer seamless oversight to ensure every step of the process is addressed and handled. Most of these day to day tasks when completed by the client themselves cost them not only their valuable time but also end up costing them additional money.

Moore says, “When hiring our team, we have the ability to negotiate with architects and contractors on their terms, speaking their language and then the time that the business saves not having to manage the process is a win for the business owner to leave it all to us to handle. It’s a time and financial win for the owner.”

InVision Advisor’s local Tampa Bay projects have included the St. Pete Pier, Lutz Prep, Ford’s Garage Restaurant, Bryan Glazer Family JCC, the Tampa Theatre, and work for The Girl Scouts. InVision Advisors oversees, formulates, guides, and makes it all happen.

The reaction from owners is very complimentary, a recent customer said, “From initial strategy to hiring a contractor to technical know-how, the InVision Advisors team handled it every step of the way. I wouldn’t work another project without them by my side.”


As Tampa’s skyline continues to grow and more and more businesses continue to move to Tampa, services like this will be crucial for the successful build-out of Tampa Bay through this next decade. As projects run more smoothly, more companies will continue to bring their businesses to the Bay Area, which will help contribute to the future growth of the city we call home. 

Jonathan Moore can be reached at 813-784-3146 his company website is

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