Abigail Shrier

Conservative Author To Ivy League Audience: The Woke “Crazies” Outside Your Door Are Not America

A Wall Street Journal reporter who authored a scathing criticism of the drive to push transgenderism on young girls had some harsh words for some who support her cause during a recent appearance at Princeton University.

Abigail Shrier, author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” admonished her hosts last week for not standing up to the woke mob that threatened to run her off-campus.

According to The College Fix, Shrier spoke about free speech, academic freedom, gender ideology, and parental rights while visiting Princeton.

Yet, The Fix noted, “The talk was held at an off-campus venue, the location of which was revealed solely to RSVP’d guests just a few hours before the event due to ‘threats and harassment’ organizers said were leveled against Shrier and student groups co-hosting the lecture.”

Before her talk, critics, including admitted communists and supposed trans activists, lashed out on social media.

One, according to The Fix, was a writer for the campus newspaper, who tweeted, “‘Free speech’ weirdos love to role-play as righteous revolutionaries who hide b/c they have a viewpoint under violent threat. The real reason they hide is so they can stay in their echo chamber and not have their bigotry challenged. Doesn’t seem like open dialogue to me.”

The critics also included Princeton’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, whose comment showed the worthlessness of higher education these days. “The concept of the gender binary is scientifically and philosophically not supported by science,” the center posted on social media.

Adam Hoffman, a Princeton student, and organizer of Shrier’s talk, told attendees that even though the event was held in secretive, closed-off quarters, he believed Shrier’s appearance would kindle a commitment “to the relentless pursuit of the truth,” The Fix reported.

Nonetheless, Shrier disagreed and criticized her hosts for kneeling before the mob.

“This is pathetic. Don’t accept this,” Shrier told the audience, according to The Fix. “What the hell am I doing off-campus? You know what, they won. Why? Because there are 35 people, and there were hundreds who wanted to attend.”

“We are, each day, force-fed falsehoods that we are expected to take seriously, on pain of forfeiting esteem and professional opportunity,” she continued. “Some men have periods and get pregnant. Hard work and objectivity are hallmarks of whiteness. Only a child knows her own true gender. Trans women don’t have an unfair advantage when playing girls’ sports.”

“I know why students keep their heads down,” she added. “They’re hoping for that Goldman [Sachs] or New York Times internship, which they don’t want to put in jeopardy.”

“Well, any institution that takes our brightest, most capable young people and tells you that you can only work here if you think like we tell you and keep your mouth shut ― that isn’t really Goldman Sachs, and that isn’t really the paper of record. It’s the husk of a once-great institution, and it’s not worth grasping for,” she said.

Shrier went on, saying, “Talk to alums at these institutions. They sound like those living under communist regimes. That’s the America that awaits you if you will not speak up.”

“You will soon be graduates of Princeton,” Shrier concluded. “Show some self-respect, and reclaim your freedom.”

“When students say that they’re afraid to be caught on audio because of fear of reprisal, they’re not free. That’s not what freedom looks like,” she said. “Don’t accept it. And don’t believe anyone who tells you that this is a free campus ― it’s obviously not.”

“Don’t pretend that the censors aren’t winning. We’ve got to start there.”

Yet, she added, “Here’s what I want you all to know: the crazies outside your door, that’s not America.”

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