The beauty of being nearly octogenarian President Joe Biden is you never have to remember which falsehood you're telling. You just repeat the new position and hope it sticks.

Conservative News Site Pokes Hole In Biden Argument For Kids’ Gun Deaths

Following the horrific massacre of 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school, President Joe Biden, among other Democrats, believed that the best way to sell gun control was to point out the risk to kids.

In his primetime plea for gun control last week, Biden said, “According to new data just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guns are the number one killer of children in the United States of America. The number one killer. More than car accidents. More than cancer.”

“Over the last two decades, more school-aged children have died from guns than on-duty police officers and active-duty military combined. Think about that: more kids than on-duty cops killed by guns, more kids than soldiers killed by guns,” Biden continued. “For God’s sake, how much more carnage are we willing to accept? How many more innocent American lives must be taken before we say ‘enough’? Enough.”

There was only one problem with Biden’s analysis. And the conservative website was happy to point it out for him: Biden forgot to mention abortion.

As reported on Tuesday, citing CDC data, “204.5 times more babies were killed by abortion than the number of deaths by firearms of children ages 1 to 19 years old in 2019.”

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In terms of raw numbers, that translated to 629,898 deaths attributable to abortion in 2019, compared to 3,080 from guns.

The ratio likely would have been higher, since California, Maryland, and New Hampshire do not report abortion data. said it also excluded gun deaths from those states.

Now, admittedly, almost 3,100 kids’ deaths from guns is 3,100 too many.

But the fact that liberals advocate greater gun control, but demand abortion be available up till the moment of birth somewhat undermines their concern “for the children.”

Overall, the outlet reported, 10,546 deaths of children were reported in 2019. So even if you factor in all causes of death, in the 1-19 demographic, abortion still claimed nearly 60 times as many kids as all other causes.

The ratio of abortion deaths to gun deaths for children dropped to about 140:1 in 2020. But noted that was partially because only 42 states had reported the number of abortions. also noted another flaw in Biden’s argument.

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Of those firearm deaths, 32 percent were suicides. Deduct those, and vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among people 0-17.

Yet no one in their right mind, or even Democrats, will call for banning cars. 

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