Conservative Pundit Michael Savage Resists Demands From Team Biden To Exit Federal Park Board

Conservative pundit and podcaster Michael Savage is fighting the Biden administration’s effort to fire him from a board governing the Presidio, a former military base that has been converted to a national park.

On Friday, Savage told Newsmax that the administration wants him out because of “political differences.” He now plans to sue.

“This is based solely on political differences, rather than job performance or alleged acts of malfeasance,” Savage told Newsmax. “And I will take it to the federal courts on Monday because they bullied me by sending me a message saying, ‘Resign or we fire you.’”

“Well, I sent the note saying I’m not resigning because the only way to replace someone on this board is if they resigned.”

Savage said the administration of President Joe Biden, who entered office four months ago promising to bring unity to the country and heal its divisions, notified him on Thursday that he needed to go. Newsmax noted that the administration has already removed his biography from the Presidio Trust’s website.

Savage, who according to Newsmax is one of three appointees to the Presidio Trust board by former President Donald Trump, said the administration wants him out because he wants to expand an on-site military museum and promote America’s military on the grounds, including adding a national cemetery.

Savage claims to have found $2.5 million in funding for adding the military exhibits.

Yet, he told Newsmax, “These individuals did not want the military exhibits to be expanded. They want to turn it into the Woodstock West. They want any reference to the military gone from the Presidio, which is an old Army base.”

“What a great, great place this is,” Savage added in reference to the Presidio.

“It’s not supposed to be a hippie Woodstock. That’s nice. If you want to play golf and go to a hotel, wonderful. It’s supposed to be self-supporting. But the board was created to oversee this. To make sure it’s not developed and turned into, I don’t know, housing projects.”

Savage said his lawsuit would be based on a case from the 1930s.

Then, one of President Herbert Hoover’s Federal Trade Commission appointees successfully defended his firing by the Roosevelt administration.

“The fact is that the president may not remove any appointee to an independent regulatory agency, except for reasons that Congress has provided by law, and there are no reasons we looked up,” Savage told Newsmax.

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