Jeff “Bongi” Buongiorno US Congressional Candidate

Criminal Absence Of Election Reporting Transparency Found In Florida – Lockstep Within All 67 Counties

Op-Ed By: Jeff “Bongi” Buongiorno, US Congressional Candidate District 21

Like many free-thinking Americans, I woke up with a visceral feeling of nausea on November 4th, 2020.

The results of the 2020 general election just didn’t add up. The delay in the vote count, sudden re-start with unnatural apportionment of votes, and early calling of states by the media presented a huge red flag. As a concerned citizen and freedom-loving American, I decided to put my skills to use.

I am president and CEO of a tech company, we specialize in analytics, complex database integrations, and financial technology specializing in servicing the ‘Made to Order’ manufacturing sector and encumbrance accounting for local government/public sector.  

You don’t have to be an expert to understand the value of detailed data and analytical measurements that can be gleaned from the aforementioned. What I found on a national level was astonishing and is a story for another day.  But I will share what I am seeing locally in my congressional district and county.

As a candidate for United States Congress in Florida CD 21 in the 2022 mid-terms, I have assumed the role of data analyst. What I have discovered on the local level is equally astonishing as what was discovered on the national level. What was believed to be a local problem in Palm Beach County, seems to be a statewide issue. The findings were released at my campaign’s event on Election Integrity.

We found over 9,700 reporting violations of Florida election code (FL Statute 98.0981 2A). The law requires that the Supervisor of Elections of Office must itemize the vote count, by contest, by candidate, and by vote type (type-by mail, day of, Early, and provisional). Powered by an app we wrote, dubbed “Election Integrity Now!” to identify such reporting violations, we unearthed a trend that persists.

There were many reporting violations in the democrat primary between McCormick and Holness for the special FL CD 20 election. On Dec 5th, 2021, the Sun-Sentinel reported that the voters of Palm Beach County should be angry. The trend persisted in the March 8th municipal election with about 400 reporting violations.

Next, we decided to take a deep dive into the 2020 General Election results as reported by the Broward County Supervisors of Election office. We found the reporting in that county also to be in violation of the Florida Election Code and lacking any transparency.

We didn’t stop there, we dug into all 67 counties in our state and found each of the Florida Supervisor of Election’s (SOE) office to be in violation of 98.0981 (2A)  hundreds and in some cases thousands of times.

Key Point Indicators (i.e. quantifiable measurements), metrics and goals, and forecasting any type of predictive intelligence has been essential my entire career. Accurate, detailed data is essential for any business or in this case campaign, to survive, thrive compete and win.

The lack of reporting transparency, by all 67 Florida County SOE’s, in lockstep, is a threat to our rights as citizens, our national security, and the freedom of future generations. Without detailed reporting and full transparency, candidates are rendered powerless and incumbents yet again, in the driver’s seat.

More disturbing is the apparent withholding of vital information by our elected officials and the devastation this has caused in our local school boards across the state and country. How is it possible that nearly every school board has gone woke on the people at the same time our election officials are all committing the same crime?

Governor DeSantis’ margin of victory was about 38,000 votes over Andrew Gillum. Accordingly, DeSantis lost Palm Beach County by about 100,000 votes.

The people of Congressional District 21 delivered over 100 affidavits requesting a full forensic audit on Feb 9th, 2022.

The people of Congressional District 21 have placed calls with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office asking for legal action. The Sheriff’s Office response was, “We don’t prosecute election law.”

The lack of transparency in reporting is yet another red flag and threat.  Potential bad actors could simply reverse engineer an audit.  Even if the reporting data was made public at this time, the data is not trustworthy due to aging and timing.

Section 1 of the Florida State Constitution states: Political power. — All political power is inherent in the people. The enunciation herein of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or impair others retained by the people.”

These are powerful words, our elected officials serve us, we do not serve them

We the people are the first branch of the government and the ultimate oversight committee of our elected officials! We demand answers on the failure of the SOEs of Florida to properly report election results in accordance with Florida law! Florida Election statutes seemed flawed by design. More to come.

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