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Curious Remarks from Last Night’s Final Presidential Debate

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – Beneath a flurry of statements made by President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden in last night’s final presidential debate, there are messages that are best not lost on the American people. Statements that should be deeply pondered.

With Moderator Kristen Welker from NBC News, who disrupted Trump repeatedly and threw the proverbial softballs at Joe Biden, there were key points and facial expressions made by the candidates that revealed more than what they actually said.

Regarding COVID-19 and proposed solutions, it was clear in the first debate that Joe Biden plagiarized Donald Trump’s coronavirus plan, already executed. This indicates Biden’s knowledge was sorely deficient, or he believed no one would notice he was stealing ideas. He does, after all, have a history proving he lacks original ideas and seeks credit due to others.  But having learned his lesson, at least for now, he said in the final debate, “I will make sure we have a plan,” meaning he had to scrap the plan he had because it wasn’t his, and now, he doesn’t have one at all. He mentioned commonly known tasks to complete, such as increasing rapid testing, but offered nothing authentically different from Trump except to impose controversial tracing and allow the Federal government to make decisions that should be solely left to the states and their locales.  In September, Biden was reprimanding Trump for not mandating masks, but Trump and his counselors believe it is unconstitutional to declare a national mask mandate.

Trump walked himself into a corner about not releasing his taxes, which Biden effectively caused when responding to Trump’s questions about whether the former VP has been enriching himself through deals with foreign adversaries. Prior to the debate, Tony Bobulinski, a former partner of Hunter Biden’s appeared on Fox News and declared he knew Joe Biden was engaged in foreign negotiations with a Chinese energy firm and furthermore knew that both Joe and Hunter Biden were paranoid about being discovered. He also claimed Hunter was to take Joe’s 10 percent cut on behalf of “the family.” Biden, apparently assuming no one would notice, declared his taxes have been scrutinized, unlike Trump’s, and don’t show any income from China, which means nothing, although Biden would like to think otherwise.  Trump didn’t seem to be expecting as good of a comeback from Joe as he got, where he said the President should be checked out because it was he who had a Chinese bank account. Trump wriggled out of that corner stating that long before thinking about running for President, he closed his account in China in 2013, after deciding not to do business there. But the tax return issue was a sore spot and it showed in Trump’s face. Trump said he is still under audit by the IRS where some people are out to get him.

Biden made odd remarks during questions about racism. He decried minority parents being compelled to tell their children about cops, “If you’re stopped, don’t move. And don’t reach for the glove box.” Last time I checked, all conscientious parents teach their children to respect the authority of the police, and advise them on how to behave, which is, do exactly what the officer instructs you to do. No more. Nothing less. I don’t view such parent-child talks as existing due to police racist acts. I was given the same message as a white child, so I view it as a universal, parental practice. I do however, reprimand minorities – and whites – for resisting arrest, an issue Biden and the Democrat party have ignored, although that behavioral change in itself would save lives.

On climate change, I got a clearer picture of how much the Democrats’ “Green Deal” plans would rob society of day-to-day human joy. You know.  The little things that matter that make up a wonderful experience. Help put you in a great mood. With tight houses that encourage mold growth and smaller windows that shut out sunlight from inside a home, it’s obvious liberal climate change plans are too severe, not to mention Biden’s intent to eventually get rid of oil and fracking. 

Plans for massive wind turbine expansion for the production of renewable energy will mean the increased death of birds, including endangered species, which Trump brought up last night.  Right now, there are 234,000 to 328,000 bird deaths per year, but the Democrats intend to increase windmills by 12,000 per year, up from the current 3,000 that are annually installed. There are several ways the environment is impacted by wind turbines, and fundamentally that means nature will pay the price. As Trump said about over-reaching to rid the nation of the coronavirus, “The cure can’t be worse than the problem.”

Neither can our leaders. 

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