Cybersecurity ratings that help companies move away from third-party risk

Keep your business secure from businesses that aren’t

Automated Cybersecurity assessments that make it easy to understand and act on risks without the need for staff time or intrusive installations of any kind.

With all the information, executives can easily keep their business secure from businesses that aren’t”

— Kelly White

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 / — CyVent teamed up with RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, to offer one of the most effective solutions against vendor related cybersecurity risks.

The rapid increase in digital third-party relationships has contributed to escalated cyber risk. Recently, a number of large companies have been the victim of a security breach that stemmed from a vendor in their ecosystem, causing massive financial losses and negative headlines plastered throughout the media.

Over half of all companies have experienced a third-party breach, yet only 16% are able to mitigate those risks, according to the Ponemon Institute. With service outsourcing, more and more companies grant access to their system for partners or supply-chain participants, which puts confidential business information, financial transactions and sensitive employee and customer data at risk. "We are confident that the RiskRecon solution will help many companies to better manage their vendor portfolio while avoiding risks and losses”, said Yuda Saydun, President of Cyvent.
RiskRecon automatically collects cybersecurity information about vendors, partners and your own enterprise to help you understand how well each of your third party relationships manages their digital footprint. Currently, RiskRecon has over 3,400 customers across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, government, financial, retail, manufacturing, defense, and technology.

The assessment reports provide risk-prioritized ratings based on issue severity and the system value at risk. The platform data is independently certified to be 99.1% accurate. There’s a direct correlation between RiskRecon scores and actual data breaches. Based on a sample of 46,000 Companies, entities with a score of “C” experienced a 3x higher chance of breaches than those with a score of “A”.

Recently RiskRecon marked the expansion of its cybersecurity risk monitoring to 4.1 million companies globally. “With all the information, executives can easily keep their business secure from businesses that aren’t”, said Kelly White, Founder at RiskRecon. “They can evaluate and select new vendors faster, prioritize third-party assessments based on RiskRecon-rated vendor performance, focus vendor assessments on areas where they know they violate their risk requirements, improve M&A analysis and more.”

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About CyVent:
CyVent is a leading cybersecurity services and consulting company that leverages true deep learning, offering a unique effective suite of products and services designed to enhance and strengthen your cybersecurity infrastructure. CyVent’s cutting edge, AI-driven solutions help organizations transition from the classic remediation approach to security, to a more pre-emptive posture which ultimately increases prevention, decreases times-to-resolution and automates cybersecurity operations. For more information, please visit:

About RiskRecon:
RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, enables you to achieve better risk outcomes for your enterprise and your digital supply chain. RiskRecon’s cybersecurity ratings and assessments make it easy for you to understand and act on your risks, delivering accurate, risk-prioritized action plans custom-tuned to match your risk priorities. Learn more about RiskRecon and request a demo at

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