Vice President Kamala Harris

Delegate Warns Black Women Will Destroy Dems If They Choose ‘White Man Over Kamala’

Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris

A delegate for President Joe Biden’s reelection effort warned on Monday that black women will abandon the party if Democrats replace the presumptive nominee with another “white man” instead of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden spoke with a raspy voice and trailed off during the Thursday debate with former President Donald Trump, leading Americans to express concerns about his age and fitness for another four years as president.

Areva Martin, an attorney and California delegate for Biden for President, said on “The Stephen A. Smith Show” that Democrats should “stay the course” with the president and that passing over Harris with a “white man” would be a dealbreaker with black female voters.

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“First of all, Stephen, who are we agreeing? There is a long list of Democrats: Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer,” Martin told host Stephen A. Smith. “The list goes on and on and on … Where is there a consensus? You’ve got to build consensus and there is not consensus right now. If you pick a white man over Kamala Harris, black women, I can tell you this, we gon’ walk away,  we gon’ blow the party up.”

Smith jumped in to ask Martin who black female voters would shift to if the Democratic party chose to pursue another candidate, asserting they will not move to Trump.

“So where are we getting agreement from on who this ideal Democratic candidate should be?” Martin continued. “Tell me that. Nobody’s told me who it should be. And then tell me how you’re gonna get the 4,000 delegates, which I am one of them. I’m a delegate coming from California. So who’s going to step out? One, tell Joe Biden he’s got to step aside because … everyone is not being mature about this process.”

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“Joe Biden is not just the president; there’s a whole team of people, there’s an administration,” she added. “So if Joe Biden, when he gets reelected, which my prediction is that he will, he brings with him Kamala Harris, the most diverse administration in the history of this country. Y’all need to just stay the course. We got more black judges appointed under Joe Biden than anyone, even President Barack Obama.”

The New York Times editorial board called on Biden to step down from his 2024 presidential campaign after the debate. Attempts to replace him with a different Democratic candidate would likely face practical, political and even legal challenges.

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