Protests In Cuba

Democrats’ Embrace Of Socialism Tightens As Republicans Continue To Be Replaced

Anti-government protesters in communist Cuba demand liberty and economic freedom and wave the American flag.

In Venezuela, as the value of the native currency has plunged to near zero, 60 percent of financial transactions are conducted in U.S. dollars.

While that nation’s economy remains hopelessly crippled, Yahoo News noted that when the regime quit trying to restrict the flow of dollars, “That was a boon for the private sector, which began importing all sorts of goods that Venezuelans had not seeing (sic) in years.”

During the presidential election, the social democracies in Europe went to extra lengths to declare their commitment to capitalism, and distance themselves from U.S. Democrats’ claims that they were really pure socialist.

Now, a new poll reveals that the only emerging socialists in the world are in America.

According to Fox News, a strong majority of Democrats now hold a more favorable view of socialism than of capitalism – a complete reversal of the party’s pre-pandemic mood.

The poll found that 59 percent of Democratic voters held a favorable opinion of socialism.

By comparison, less than a majority – 49 percent – said the same about capitalism.

In February 2020, the last time Fox asked the question, 50 percent of Democrats favored capitalism, while 40 percent felt that way about socialism.

The recent survey, taken over the weekend, indicated 44 percent of Democrats took a dim view of capitalism. Comparatively, only 31 percent said that of socialism.

In contrast, only 7 percent of Republicans and just 29 percent of independents were warm to socialism.

On the other hand, 90 percent of Republicans saw socialism unfavorably, as did 59 percent of independents.

Yet, with the contemporary Democratic Party, a May 2016 Investors Business Daily headline says it all:

“Socialism is dying everywhere – except the U.S.”

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One Reply to “Democrats’ Embrace Of Socialism Tightens As Republicans Continue To Be Replaced”

  1. My son is one of these. He isn’t a fan of the Dems either. He (and I) look at the current state of crony capitalism as America’s new Gilded Age where a super-wealthy elite dictate terms to the parties…and the rest of us. As a conservative, I don’t agree with my son on socialism, but capitalism is being wrecked by corruption and a post-constitutional legal framework that doesn’t control its excesses.

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