Deny Climate Change? Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Wants You To Die

Bill “The Science Guy” Nye comes across as a kindly, avuncular nerd who finds joy in curing your ignorance.

But disagree with him on climate change, and that changes.

In that case, he wants you dead.

Late last month, the Daily Collegian, the student newspaper at Penn State University, published a sycophantic article about Michael Mann, the controversial climate scientist on the Penn State faculty who is a guru to rabid green activists.

Nye, described as a “science communicator and television presenter,” was quoted in the piece as a “dear friend and colleague” of Mann’s.

The Collegian characterized Nye’s work as “communicating science to laymen,” and Nye praised Mann’s research on climate change as “outstanding.” He referred to him as the “world’s foremost authority in climate modeling.”

Nye credited Mann, who more than 20 years ago developed the infamous “hockey stick” model of global warming, with conveying that the burning of fossil fuels and how that relates to climate change was “even truer than [scientists] thought.” The hockey stick showed the global temperature was relatively flat for about 900 years until we began burning fossil fuels for energy.

Now, Mann’s work has many critics, although you’ll never hear of them in the mainstream media because the media largely accept the Mann-AOC view of the warming world. But Mann has a nasty penchant for suing his critics and then losing in court.

One of them was Canadian climate scientist Tim Ball, who 10 years ago said, “Michael Mann should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.”

Ball and others accused Mann of manipulating his data to produce a desired outcome. They became even more suspicious because, according to an August 2019 column by Francis Menton at, Mann has never turned over his research.

Menton noted that back in 2009, a series of leaked emails provided some of Mann’s research, and prompted Ball’s comment. When other scientists used that to try to duplicate his findings, “Astoundingly, they discovered that the [hockey stick] graph’s creators had truncated inconvenient data in order to get the desired depiction.”

“Most would call this kind of data truncation a clear-cut instance of ‘scientific fraud,’” Menton wrote.

But that means nothing to people like Nye – and in fact, if you doubt him, Mann, AOC, Greta Thunberg, or any other alarmist, you are the problem.

The Collegian reported: “According to Nye, both he and Mann are frequently asked two common questions: ‘What can I do about climate change,’ and ‘What can be done to convince someone who’s a climate denier?’

“Nye calls these the $10 trillion questions because climate deniers are so ‘dug in’ to their beliefs, which only makes it harder to convince them of what the science suggests.”

“The only definitive way to see significant action to prevent climate change is to simply wait for deniers and contrarians to ‘age out,’ according to Nye.”

“’There’s an old saying — ‘science proceeds one funeral at a time,’ Nye said, ‘but it’s not happening fast enough.’”

And there you have it. Which, in reality, could be the mantra for any liberal cause these days. 

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