Department of Defense Reaches New Agreement with RussKap Holdings for Atmospheric Water Generators

The Tiffany unit on-base and the Maxim unit off-base using a mobile setup.

Specifications for the Quench unit, which independently generates 100 gallons of purified water a day.

The Tiffany home/office unit generates up to 12 gallons of purified water a day.

The United States Department of Defense increases its investment in atmospheric water generators provided by RussKap Holdings, with new military developments.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2021 / — RussKap Holdings CEO, Ed Russo, announced today that the United States Department of Defense has purchased the latest model of Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) machines called the “Quench” unit. These units efficiently produce 100 gallons of purified water a day and can be operated with gas generators, shore power, solar power, or energy storage units. The order also included additional purchases of the “Tiffany,” the home/office unit which is the most popular choice of the AWG units for the defense department.

Yehuda Kaploun, president of RussKap Holdings, stated that “this order demonstrates RussKap’s leadership in providing scalable atmospheric water machines for multiple purposes to the US Military. There is no better option for disaster relief, crisis response, or organic logistics support. Our units generate great-tasting purified water at the point of need without relying on a raw water source or chemical processes.”

The RussKap Quench and Tiffany units utilize the EPA-recommended ozone water system that has been proven to be the best treatment available for ensuring there are no contaminants in the water.

All Russkap units are being exclusively manufactured by The Trident Water Company, under a private label agreement that integrates their patent-protected ozone purification system (Trident Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altitude International Holdings, Inc, symbol “ALTD”). This Partnership between RussKap and Trident allows the best technologies for water supply to be utilized by the Department of Defense. Further announcements will be made regarding the partnership in the near future, and how the team will further enhance US Military logistics while participating in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts across the globe.

At a recent press conference, Ed Russo stated that “Russkap and Trident have been recognized by the military for their use of outstanding technology, and together we are the largest provider of atmospheric water generators to the DoD”.

Russo further added, “In the next few weeks we expect to announce the release of a new mobile unit. We are working with the engineering teams of the military to design units to be secured on military transport vehicles. We are also in conversations with the military for a joint project to implement this technology that produces water on the move. The applications and opportunities are incredible.”

Yehuda Kaploun concluded, “One of our goals is to redefine logistical considerations for the military, NGOs, domestic and international disaster relief, and humanitarian aid groups. In doing so, we will improve their efforts and increase their capabilities. With our extensive contacts and Trident’s state of the art technology, we feel that the future is extremely bright.”

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