Last week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre decided to lash out at Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis after the state Education Department rejected an advanced placement course on African American studies crafted by the College Board.

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome Strikes Over Cell Phones In Class

Conservatives have become accustomed to liberals arguing for “rights” — such as the “right” to abortion, a “right” to health care funded by someone else, and a “right” to the earnings of the wealthy.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Conservatives have become accustomed to liberals arguing for “rights” — such as the “right” to abortion, a “right” to health care funded by someone else, and a “right” to the earnings of the wealthy.

Now, apparently, the left believes students have a “right” to a cell phone anytime they want, even during school. And that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is Hitleresque for wanting to curtail their access to it.

The latest goofy bit of DeSantis Derangement Syndrome comes courtesy of the conservative sports website, which cast a spotlight on Ruth Ben-Ghiat, an MSNBC columnist who, according to her Twitter account, specializes in “authoritarians, fascism, propaganda.”

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One might think the current White House would keep her occupied full-time. But on Monday, she found a moment to rant about Florida’s Republican governor.

DeSantis discussed students with cell phones during an appearance in Jacksonville, where he promoted new education policies.

“I think to myself: Why are these kids on their phones all the time?” he said. “I think a school district would be totally within their rights to say, ‘Leave your phone in some cubby or something. Go sit in class and learn. And you get it at recess.”

“They should not be on their phones being distracted from their lessons,” he continued, adding that he believed some school districts would support such policies.

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Ben-Ghiat, however, smelled a would-be Stalin.

As Outkick noted, she tweeted, “He is so dangerous in every way. Truly an authoritarian personality.”

Ben-Ghiat also circulated a tweet of DeSantis’ comments by the media website The Recount, which asserted the governor had claimed schools could “confiscate” phones.

That, however, is not what he said.

Ben-Ghiat’s reaction to her 192,000 followers suggests “DeSantis demands schools seize students’ phones and force them to go without,” Outkick columnist Bobby Burack wrote.

“But as you see in the video, he never uses the word or even suggests a similar action. Instead, he merely says a school district is within its right to ask students to leave their phones in a cubby during class hours.”

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“DeSantis has come out against the racial and sexual indoctrination of school children. He opposes them using their phones as a distraction during lectures. At any other point in history, that’d make DeSantis a man of common sense,” Burack continued.

“Yet, in 2023, it makes him a ruthless authoritarian in the minds of certifiably wacko leftists like Ruthy.”

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