Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva’s debut single “We’re In A New World” is Out Now on All Major Music Platforms.

Q.T. Diva Portrait Image

Q.T. Diva’s debut single "We’re In A New World" Cover Art.

Cover art for Q.T. Diva’s debut single “We’re In A New World”.

Photos of Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva in the studio recording "We’re In A New World".

Dianne Collins aka Q.T. in Criteria Studios recording “We’re In A New World”.

“We’re In A New World” is the first single release from upcoming solo artist Q.T. Diva. The song was released November 12, 2021.

You live consciously with awareness and compassion, gratitude on your knees. You appreciate all the codes all the magic we are given to create in this life your own dreams your own heaven.”

— Q.T. Diva

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — "We’re In A New World” is the first single release from upcoming solo artist Q.T. Diva. The song was released November 12, 2021.

Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva met Producer, Dave Poler at the renowned Criteria Studios in Miami, iconic home of hundreds of gold, platinum, and diamond singles and albums, while recording the audiobook of her 9-time award winning bestseller, "Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World".

Q.T. Diva told Dave she had a song she wanted to record. The two joined their talents and the result became something that transcends the mainstream — music that hits your mind on a higher level, deeper inside where the subconscious comes to life.

The story behind the song might seem simple, yet it shows the importance of listening to the universe and signals that are sent to or through us. One day Q.T. woke up and raced to her computer to compose the lyrics of “We’re In A New World” which flowed through her like a supernova rap of ultimate truth. She listened and captured that precious moment …

And from that moment “We’re In A New World” emerged, an imaginative blend of Spoken Word, Hip-Hop and Pop that frees the mind and soothes the soul, exploding the molecules and connecting them again in a cascade of defining moments.

Although this is Q.T. Divas first release as a recording artist, she is no stranger to the music world. She grew up in a family of musical talent and this is just the beginning of a trip into the world of deeper thoughts and who knows what the next story will tell.

Thank you for listening!

Music Reviewer Jon Wright:
“Delving into the eternal well of mystical wisdom, Q.T. Diva resurfaces with a clear and concise message of oneness – gifting us with the genre-bending, mind-expanding original listening experience, "We're in a New World"! Easy-going grooves forge a firm and ethereal foundation for Q.T.'s calmly compassionate lyrical examination of the powers that be in you and me, with an artful emphasis on the individual's willingness to transform their own consciousness as the launchpad for any meaningful shift in our existential perspective. Subtle shifts in the instrumentals give the song charming color and character as it continues to unfold, allowing Q.T.'s deliveries to expand along with them.” – Jon Wright, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, music educator.

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