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Disney, At Least For The Moment, Gives Up On The Magic Wokedom

The Walt Disney Co. may have decided that Critical Race Theory is as poisonous as the apple fed to Snow White.

As The Free Press reported last week, Disney went full-blown woke with its “Reimagine Tomorrow” initiative for “antiracism.”

The program, first reported by conservative journalist Chris Rufo, claimed America was founded on “systemic racism.”

In part, the materials discussed “white fragility” and informed white employees to “work through feelings of guilt, shame, and defensiveness to understand what is beneath them and what needs to be healed,” regarding their own racism and America’s “racist infrastructure.”

Reimagine Tomorrow, among other notions hostile to white workers, also encouraged its employees to “pivot” away from the nation’s “white dominant culture” that encourages them to prize things like “competition,” “individualism,” “timeliness,” and “Standard American English.”

In response, Rufo referred to Disney as “the wokest place on Earth.”

But perhaps not. On Thursday, the New York Post reported that Disney apparently abandoned Reimagine Tomorrow.  

“The webpage that previously carried the much-maligned internal training documents was down this week, replaced with a “pardon our Pixie dust” message,” the Post noted, citing Rufo for uncovering the shift on the website.

Rufo, in response, tweeted, “WINNING,” with a screenshot of the downed page. He added Disney “has removed its entire antiracism program from the company’s internal portal, effectively scrubbing it out of existence.”

On his personal webpage, Rufo added, “My reporting had generated tens of millions of media impressions and a significant backlash from the public. This is a major victory in the war against ‘woke capital.’ Disney was peddling the most toxic elements of critical race theory — and my reporting led to immediate changes within the company.”

“The truth,” he added, “is simple: corporate ‘diversity and inclusion is a scam. It’s a reputation-laundering mechanism for corporations and divides Americans into competing racial categories. Shut it down.”

When some suggested on Twitter that Disney was perhaps regrouping rather than retreating, Rufo replied, “Possibly, but small victories start to add up. We’ve set the precedent — and forced a $329 billion company to back down.”

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