Disney World’s Liberty Square May Get an Overhaul

July 7, 2020

By: Rick Wilks

ORLANDO Fla. – Liberty Square has one of Disney’s most popular attractions “The Haunted Mansion”, with those famous Hitchhiking Ghosts, and it also has one of the least popular attractions on every list, “The Hall of Presidents”, an animatronic stage show presentation with each President of the United States, including the current sitting President, Donald Trump.

You do have to look twice to spot him as it’s not the best look-a-like, though they did get the hair right.

In February, Disney purchased the rights to the Hamilton Film for $75 million dollars, one of the highest, if not the most ever paid. In 2015 Lin-Manuel Mirandas’ Hamilton opened on the Broadway stage to rave reviews and an almost impossible ticket to obtain to see the sold out show. In 2016 it was nominated for a record 16 Tony nominations and went home with 11, including Best Musical. In 2016, Hamilton won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Touring shows also followed. 

Now, it may be coming to the stage at the Hall of Presidents. Rumor has it that Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al Yankovic are in talks with Disney. Many fans and Disney have been looking to revamp or replace the attraction for a while now. With the current replacement in the works of Splash Mountain becoming a new Princess and the Frog ride attraction, it definitely appears to be a possibility. 

 There is concern though, regarding doing such a venture because of Alexander Hamilton and slavery. Hamilton was a founding Father of the United States and the first Secretary of the Treasury. He also founded the New York Post and was involved in America’s first prominent sex scandal, ‘The Reynolds Affair’. 

Hamilton was not known to directly have owned any slaves himself, but he did manage slave sales for his wife’s family in New York. 

We will update you, when any new information is available on this possible future project. 

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