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Dr. Ann Monis : CEO, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Ann Monis, founder, owner, and CEO of the Mental Health Center of Florida.

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Dr. Ann Monis caters to a unique clientele of highly accomplished and successful individuals, the one-percenters.


As the country recovers from Covid-19 fatigue, rampant inflation, and a general state of heightened anxiety, mental health awareness is at the forefront of our minds. Round-the-clock news reporting, viral social media stories, and a new focus on maintaining behavioral health wellness bombard us with a sense of dread – “Am I okay emotionally?” “Why do I feel down today?” “Do I need professional help?”

The simple answer is – “yes, you are okay emotionally, it’s okay to feel down at times and sure, we could all use some counseling.” As community-based care centers, schools, and even employers are now repeating this same message and offering mental health care services to increasing numbers of people, there is a surprising niche of the population that is also recognizing the need to ask for help.

Call them the one-percenters, high-achievers, or anything else – the reality is those who (seemingly) do not have a care in the world struggle with the same anxiety, concerns, and human emotions we all do. Chief executive officers, business owners, professional athletes, actors, and those with extreme wealth; these bon vivant carefree few not only share the same frailties and flaws that mere-mortals do, but they also often carry enhanced responsibilities and challenges that come from achieving extreme success. The spotlight is on them – be it market watchers, employees’ dependent upon them as an owner, or the media scoping them out for the first sign of fragility; those in this position cannot or will not show any weakness for fear of shame or ostracizing. Now, many in this segment are stepping out from behind the curtain and asking for help. Some in a public manner and others quietly, behind the scenes. The reasons do not matter, the point is we all need to find equilibrium and support that enables us to function at our best – in mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Ann Monis is a licensed clinical, and forensic psychologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of a range of mental health disorders. Dr. Ann is the founder, owner, and CEO of the Mental Health Center of Florida, one of the largest providers of behavioral health care services in the state of Florida serving vulnerable seniors, at-risk youth, and first responders. Dr. Ann also provides extensive pro bono services through her non-profit Florida Mental Health Coalition, serving those most in need and lacking resources of their own. Finally, in her private practice, Dr. Ann Monis, P.A., highly accomplished and successful individuals seek her counsel and treatment for one-to-one therapy, substance abuse, anger management, performance improvement, and mental health tune-ups. Dr. Ann, through her experience and clinical training, as well as serving as the CEO of a thriving, multi-site practice, recognizes and understands the unique concerns and obstacles that those in this population must manage. As Dr. Ann notes, “Everyone has different difficulties and has to deal with issues that people looking in from the outside necessarily don’t see or believe they may have.”

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