Dwight Dykstra Discusses Hunting Tips for Beginners

Experienced hunters know that hunting is all about waiting, says Dwight Dykstra

Dwight Dykstra Discussed Hunting Tips for Beginners

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, November 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hunting is the oldest sport in human history–although it started as a survival tactic rather than a sport. For hundreds of generations, hunting lore and knowledge have been passed down through families as a way to put food on the table, gain social stature, and have a good time with friends. No matter the reason for wanting to start hunting, there are a few things one needs to learn before wandering off into the woods, says Dwight Dykstra, longtime hunter. 

Keep Quiet 
One will avoid a scolding from other hunters and come home with better game if this advice is taken to heart, says Dwight Dykstra. Put as much effort as possible into keeping quiet while hunting. Animals have much better hearing than humans. Deer can hear twigs cracking and low voices almost a mile away. 

Hunters should watch their steps and avoid struggling through the underbrush when on the way to one's camp or stand. And keep talking to a minimum if traveling with a group. If carrying a lot of gear, try to carry it all on the back instead of dragging it advises Dwight Dykstra. Dragging something through the dry leaves and over rocks can create a commotion that scares the prey out of the area for hours. 

Be Patient    
People think hunting is all about tracking and shooting and big adventure. But experienced hunters know that hunting is all about waiting, says Dwight Dykstra. Walking carefully through the woods, slowly setting up camp, waiting to talk until certain that no animals can hear, waiting for the perfect hunting spot, waiting for the deer to show up, waiting to take the shot until the line of sight is perfect… 

It may not feel as glorious as one imagined, but the payoff is worth it when one finally bags that buck or duck.

Use Landmarks and Maps
A lot of the best hunting spots are off the grid–meaning cell service is spotty at best, explains Dwight Dykstra. This means one can’t always rely on GPS to help get one back to camp or the car. Instead, consider investing a little time and effort into some basic navigation skills like map reading and landmarking. Otherwise, one might find oneself wandering around in the woods with no idea how to get home.

As one is walking, if there are no clear and memorable landmarks like a forked tree or a huge boulder, consider leaving oneself small signs along the way. Pile up rocks, lay sticks in arrow formations, or scratch some bark as one passes. This can help mark the way back to camp and keep everyone from getting lost.

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