Essential Computer Components Explained

Computers are highly advanced products, built from a variety of different PC components which, when working together, give us the machines that we just can’t live without today. Everyone is using a computer on a daily basis as part of their job or to help them relax in the evenings. 

There are seven essential parts of a computer system that we all use and you have probably heard of the majority of them. The system unit is the standalone section of the computer where you tend to find the main ‘heart and lungs’ of the machine which make it function. This includes the central processing unit (CPU) which is the brains of the whole operation, the PC case fans, CD drive and USB ports and the hard drive where all of the information is stored. 

The PC case fans are often overlooked in terms of their importance incidentally, but without them the machine would frequently overheat and subsequently catch fire or at the very least stop working. Of course, you could make life easier and go for a fanless PC instead. 

Then you have the monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse which you need in order to operate the computer. While laptops have everything built in, traditional desktop PCs – which still survive in the modern era and are used by millions around the world daily – require these in order to function. 

The final two important components relate to what you use your computer for: a modem and a printer. These days you may only use a PC at work in which case you may have a shared modem and printer but at home, you may still have to connect yours, either wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable. 

Your Guide to PC Motherboards and Other Essential Parts

The computer and technology worlds are generally quite technical and confusing, especially when people start throwing long words and abbreviations around which mean absolutely nothing to you. Some people use their computers for little more than word processing, making and using spreadsheets or using the Internet so when something goes wrong they have no idea how to resolve it (other than switching it off and on again of course).

A smart television is the kind of thing being talked about a lot these days and it is essentially a television with all the benefits of the Internet built-in. For example, you would be able to go onto the web, update your Facebook status and even send an email all from the same television you watch your soaps on. PC motherboards are another example. These are highly important parts of your computer and without them, it just wouldn’t function. The PC motherboards look after just about everything and are essentially the heart of the whole computer. 

It is where the central processing unit is found and when this wears out, unfortunately, it means a whole new computer. They can be replaced and upgraded but it is an expensive job and the kind of thing that should be done by an expert, as it is a highly technical process that involves taking the machine apart and removing some of the vital components to access.


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