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Even Liberal “Fact-Checkers” Say Media Misleading Over DeSantis Book Ban In Florida

Once again, the liberal media is misleading the public about Gov. Ron DeSantis and the alleged banning of books in Florida schools.
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Once again, the liberal media is misleading the public about Gov. Ron DeSantis and the alleged banning of books in Florida schools.

The latest incident involves a challenge in Miami Lakes to a book written by left-wing author Amanda Gorman. Gorman read the book, “The Hill We Climb,” during President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

A parent, who is now being doxxed by the liberal media, objected to the book in March. Daily Salinas asserts the book contained indirect “hate messages” and promoted indoctrination.

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The complaint from the liberal media was that the book was banned, and they used it as part of a broader false narrative that DeSantis is banning books.

DeSantis said on Friday he had never heard of the book and noted that the media was “trying to create a political narrative that is totally divorced from the facts” by spreading “this ridiculous poem hoax.”

One response came from far-left columnist Greg Sargent at The Washington Post, who called DeSantis “shameless” for attacking the media for its work.

Yet even the liberal “fact-checkers” at refuted the media accounts.

In a lengthy post on its website on Saturday, Snopes noted that the School Materials Review Committee at the Bob Graham Education Center, a K-8 school in Miami Lakes, met to consider Salinas’ complaint.

The committee ultimately determined the book was “to be of value for middle school students,” and moved it to the middle school library, according to Snopes. That decision applied only to the school, and had no implications elsewhere in the district or the state.

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Snopes, which reviewed minutes of the committee’s meeting, pointed out that the panel “appeared to look at ‘The Hill We Climb’ in a positive light, concluding that it had ‘educational value’ and ‘historical significance.’”

“Nowhere in the minutes did it say that Gorman’s book would be ‘banned’ or that elementary students would be forbidden from reading her poem in the library.”

“In our correspondence with the school district, we received no indication that an elementary-age child would meet resistance from a librarian should they want to walk over to the middle school section of the library to read the works,” Snopes added.

And as for DeSantis, the website also noted that the governor “made no such announcement [to ban the book], nor was there any evidence that he had a direct hand in initiating the complaint and/or review of Gorman’s poem.”

But as for the media, why let the facts stand in the way of a good hoax.

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