Exclusive Charter Service Releases New Information on How to Book Spring and Summer Travel

Exclusive Charter Service is a premiere jet charter company that has flown millions of people around Europe and other popular destinations around the world.

WEST PALM BEACH , FLORIDA , UNITED STATES , April 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ECS Travel Ambassador has provided a list of amazing destinations that are finally open again to all travelers. The article below gives great insight on where to go for a sweeping journey and travel adventure to finally check off that bucket list!

Looking to jet-off for the Spring and Summer but don’t know where to go? To all fellow travelers who are looking to spring over to Europe and other parts of the world, here is some important information about COVID restrictions being lifted to know about.

Who doesn’t love Paris in the Spring and the stunning, exquisite city loves its visitors once again. Travelers no longer have to be fully vaccinated to enter France and they have lifted the COVID passport requirements for access to venues and events so… “Bon Appetit!!”

Indulge in the astounding culture, art and history of picture-perfect Italy. The country has officially lifted ALL travel and COVID restrictions since April 1. Once again travelers can visit breathtaking sites of Pisa, Venice, Rome, Naples or even take a day charter through the Mediterranean Sea and explore the beautiful islands.

If traveling to Spain for the sunny beaches, beautiful architecture and delicious food, be prepared to have proof of vaccination. The country is open; however, proof of vaccination is still required for non-essential travelers entering the country.

Enjoying a Swedish cup of coffee, feasting on a smorgasbord with lingonberries while listening to the newest pop music in a local Café are only a few cultural highlights to experience in the most charming country of Sweden. The country no longer has an entry ban for non-essential travel from all third-party countries so the visit to the famous ABBA museum in Stockholm will be nothing less than a flawless and enjoyable experience.

Finally, the world’s precious and beloved city of London and other UK vacation spots. The UK has abolished all COVID-19 travel restrictions so pack those bags to once again experience the charming English countryside, explore the mysterious Stonehenge, take pleasure in British tea time and enjoy a cold brew in a local English pub.

It's time to get happy packing and book a trip! Normality is returning and dream vacations can once again become reality. Like Spain, there are still countries that require documentation and there still may be some hoops to jump through, but restrictions are being lifted and updated daily. Be sure to call a travel professional or feel free to contact ECS for any information or questions.

Have a safe trip and make the memories of traveling the most fascinating chapters in a life’s book. Bon voyage!


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