Experts Predict Where Tech Will Take Us In The Next Decade

Tech is constantly shifting and evolving. Advancements can happen in large waves or it’s possible to see individual, highly-specific leaps forward. One only has to explore how technology has changed the world over the last decade to understand this. We have gone from basic automated software to machine learning. Virtually everything can be handled remotely these days and this is all thanks to the latest tech. But where will things be ten years from now? Experts already have some ideas

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A New Focus On Remote Learning 

In terms of education, we could see a massive shift in the way that schools are run and operate thanks largely to the technology that is now available on the market. A software suite for K-12 teaching available now makes it easier for teachers to interact and engage with students regardless of whether they are working and learning from home or in the classroom. Over the next few years experts predict a push from teachers for more home learning. Many argue that the pandemic proves this is a viable option and provides a safer work situation for teachers. New technology will also continue to make this possibility more accessible and even advisable. 

The Final Nail In The Coffin For High Street Stores 

It’s clear that the high street has been dying for quite some time. Indeed, there are cities now where there are virtually no shops at the center. It is widely understood that this is largely connected to the increase in power of ecommerce sales like Amazon. However the COVID pandemic pushed things further, with companies taking a whole new approach to online sales. Many high street stores did not reopen and Disney is the latest to start closing their doors. In the next several years, experts predict that buying on the high street will die out completely. This will be replaced with an automated online system. 

This effect will be accentuated by tech such as delivery drones that will make it easier than ever for customers to get the products that they want for a far lower cost. 

AI That Will Trick You 

Automation is now blending seamlessly with artificial intelligence. AI software is already used to handle a wide range of tasks once completed by humans. Think about, for instance, about the last time you called a customer support helpline. Chances are you didn’t speak to an employer at first. Instead, you likely passed through a series of automated questions with software able to recognize what you were saying and respond before placing you in the right queue. According to experts, we can expect AI to become far more advanced. However, rather than taking over society software like this will augment rather than work to replace humans. 

It’s clear then that thanks to technology the world is going to look completely different ten years from now. While experts can make educated guesses, there are a lot of questions still up in the air and it will be fascinating to see which predictions come to fruition.


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