Facebook Marketing a Vital Skill for Healthcare Practitioners

Award-winning marketer Sally Falkow and Ulan Nutritional Systems have launched a Facebook marketing course for healthcare practitioners.

Unless you are very skilled at using the Facebook platform, you’re probably going to miss the mark. You need a strategy and consistent high-quality content to attract the right audience.”

— Sally Falkow

CLEARWATER, FL, USA, October 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A study done by the National Institutes of Health shows that COVID-19 has increased online searches for health-related terms. This pandemic has created awareness of the need for a strong immune system and ways to cope with an illness no one was prepared for.
The brunt of this need for education and assistance falls on healthcare providers. People are looking for a healthcare practitioner they can trust who can help them through this confusing period.
One of the best ways to reach the public looking for healthcare solutions is on social media, and in particular, Facebook. With more than 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular platform worldwide and it remains many people’s “home base” on social media.
The group most likely to be looking for health answers on social media are women between 30 and 65. And when one looks at the users of all social media platforms, that group most closely resembles Facebook users. 77 percent of women use Facebook, and the age group 30 – 64 is also in the 75 percent plus range.
Using Facebook to reach this audience that’s actively looking for health information is not always a simple task. It may seem quite straightforward, but there are many aspects to effectively use Facebook marketing to attract new patients.
“I built my Des Moines practice entirely using social media when I started it,” says Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN. “Facebook marketing was instrumental in raising awareness and filling my appointment book with quality patients that watched my videos and engaged with my posts. They already know they want to sign up from the moment they walk through the door and take the first steps to improving their health.”
“Unless you are very skilled at using the Facebook platform, you’re probably going to miss the mark,” says Sally Falkow, an award-winning Facebook marketing expert. “Just posting a few images on Facebook is not enough. You need a sound strategy, and consistent high-quality content supported by an advertising campaign to attract the right fans and followers.”
In conjunction with Ulan Nutritional Systems, Falkow has created a course that teaches healthcare practitioners how to use Facebook marketing to attract new patients.
In this course practitioners learn:
• How to find the right audience using Facebook data
• How to create excellent quality content that attracts the right people
• How to build an engaged community of interested and loyal followers
• What the content FORMULA is and how to use it
• How to use Canva to make the content
• How to set up an advertising account
• How to make a Facebook pixel
• How to test an ad to see that it is effective
• Tracking results with Facebook Insights
• How to increase engagement

The course is available on Kajabi. It is self-paced, but a tutor oversees each student’s progress through the course. Students can join the Facebook Group for course members once they enroll and course creator, Sally Falkow, will be available in that group for an hour a week to answer student’s questions. Register here for the course.

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