Fernando Lelo de Larrea: New Technologies are the key to a new growth path


In a second interview, Fernando Lelo told us about the importance of technology for a bigger economic integration.

Before the current crisis, the economies presented challenges associated with how to generate growth engines.”

— Fernando Lelo de Larrea

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This is the second part of the interview with Fernando Lelo de Larrea one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latinamerica. Fernando has told us about his vision of the effects of the current crisis in the following postCovid era. As a recap, Fernando believes that inflñation is a though issue and we have seen yet a financial crisis product of this matter. In this second interview, Ferandno told us about the importance of new technologies and their effects on increasing productivity.

Do you consider that the challenge is to increase productivity in this environment of uncertainty?

Obviously, a technological change and market conditions that allow raising the productivity of a region is desirable. In the case of Mexico, the diversification of supply chains can be a boost to improve the country's productivity. The case of the Lego factory in Monterrey is remarkable. Thanks to its production from this plant and another in Europe, Lego was able to meet its supplier objectives on time during this time. The expansion of its new plant implies an additional investment of 100 million dollars in 2021 in the first phase and they are building a new building of 15 thousand square meters. According to Lego personnel, the plant in Mexico is superior to the one they have in China. This means an increase in productivity. Like this news, we have begun to find news of growth in investment in maquila on the border. The challenge facing Mexico is that these investments can also be established in the southern states of the country, thereby achieving a more equitable development among the population. Interoceanic projects in the south of the country can be a boost, as well as a regulation focused on this objective such as the one implemented by the current administration regarding the debated investment of Constellations Brands in Mexico. Mexico offers attractive advantages for investment, but it seems that some governments have not been so clear in their vision and consider that implementing some type of regulation for investment discourages the development of these projects. All countries establish regulations and encourage specific regions to invest either directly or via incentives.

"Before the current crisis, the economies presented challenges associated with how to generate growth engines. In Latin America we have observed that China is a great buyer of products in South America and in the case of Mexico, NAFTA and tourism have been the growth factor in investment. However, these commercial increases have not translated into a substantial improvement in the living conditions of the majority of its inhabitants. In a post-Covid situation where, with technology, a bigger economic integration greater than the one observed is perhaps possible. In this sense, these countries must make a greater effort in terms of their telecommunications and energy infrastructure and their labor legislation, but they certainly have a favorable environment for investment when compared to other countries. In the case of Mexico, its debt strategy and its proximity to the US make a new growth trend more likely once things stabilize", Fernando Lelo established.

Finally, Fernando Lelo de Larrea explained that the success or failure of these stabilization programs that will begin to appear in various countries will have as a variable the technological change that these events accompanied. Cities in various parts of the world are generating new rules of behavior and traditional growth models will have to adjust.

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