State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the lone statewide elected Democrat in Florida, has repeatedly called on Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to add gun violence to the Legislature’s agenda.

Florida Ag Commissioner Fried Gets Scorched Claiming “DeSantis-ism” Is A Losing Platform

Outgoing Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, Florida’s lone statewide elected Democrat, will soon leave office.

Outgoing Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, Florida’s lone statewide elected Democrat, will soon leave office.

She’ll be best known for promoting pot growers and stripping gun ownership rights from state residents accused of involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

But she’s not ready to go without a social media meltdown.

As shared by the conservative website Twitchy, Fried on Friday got into a catfight with Catturd™, one of the more popular Twitter users on the right. It did not go well.

The spat began when Fried tweeted an MSNBC column critical of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis recently won re-election by 20 points over Democratic retread Charlie Crist, who campaigned by embracing all the woke ideology emitted by the Biden administration and Democrats generally.

In the column, MSNBC analyst Michael Cohen claimed that while Election Day “was a big win for DeSantis, it was a loser for ‘DeSantis-ism.’ His war on wokeness, attacks on liberals, and divisive culture war politics played well in Florida, but elsewhere it landed with a resounding thud.”

Cohen then highlighted some of the failures of Republican candidates whom DeSantis backed in the election, such as Kari Lake in Arizona and Lee Zeldin in New York.

“Beyond policy issues, the midterm was a defeat for DeSantis’ entire political persona — the angry, uncompromising, vindictive, anti-woke politician who will unceasingly attack Democrats and give liberals no quarter,” Cohen continued. “Similar candidates did reasonably well in states that already lean red, but they were firmly rejected in swing states. Indeed, if there was one takeaway from the 2022 campaign, it’s that DeSantis’ divisive style of politics simply didn’t play.”

Of course, Cohen curiously avoided mentioning Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott absolutely crushed left-wing favorite Beto O’Rourke with a “DeSantis-ism” platform, or the fact that the GOP will take control of Congress arguably because of Republican House gains in left-wing New York. The GOP also appears to have picked up at least one congressional seat in radically left California

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Moreover, Ballotpedia reported that across all state legislative races in 2022, Republicans added 161 seats — to control 54 percent of all seats across America — while Democrats lost 204.

Nonetheless, Fried fully endorsed Cohen’s point.

Tweeting Cohen’s article, which featured a picture of DeSantis, she added, “Republicans, this isn’t your answer to your Trumpism problem. Unless you are looking to lose again in 2024, which is fine with me.”

Catturd replied with “Nikki is an expert on losing,” and a laughing emoji.   

In a snit, Fried shot back, “Oh wow you got me! When you get the balls (to) run for anything and win you call me. I lost one primary and won one statewide. I know you don’t do math well but that is 1-1 ratio with the win being statewide. You are pathetic.”

She then followed that with, “Oh snap forgot my primary in 2018, that would be a 2-1 ratio.”

Catturd, by the way, has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, which is about twice as many votes as Fried got in the Democratic primary. Twitter did not let her forget that.

Some of the reply tweets to Fried, as compiled by Twitchy, noted:

“Yes, we should all take your advice on how to win elections.”

“20 points.”

“Didn’t you lose to the guy who lost to him [DeSantis] by 20 points?

“This message was brought to you by the loser to the loser who lost to DeSantis. I’ll say that again. This message was brought to you by the loser to the loser who lost to DeSantis.”

“Niki (sic) you guys got clobbered.”

“You couldn’t even beat the guy who got trounced by @RonDeSantisFL.”

“Nikki, you are the epitome of a sore loser. Charlie Crist smothered you in the primary and then was soundly rejected by Floridians in the general election. DeSantis has a real opportunity in ‘24 if he chooses to pursue it. You, however, do not.”

“You really should just stop talking for a while. You’re just coming off as some diva princess who can’t handle losing.”

And finally, “Dude just go away.”

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