Florida DNA Leads Man to His Daughter In Reno

Florida Dad’s DNA Matched With Daughter in Nevada, 46-Years Later

When Judith Olson gave birth to Terri Olson at Bayfront Medical Center in 1973, the ‘Father’ line on the birth certificate was left blank. Forty-six years later, Father and Daughter are matched Ancestry.com.

Terri Olson, now, 47, from Reno Venada, learned through an Ancestry that New Port Richey, Florida resident Edward Interdonati, 75, was almost certainly her father from a DNA match. Ed Interndonati agrees, and he didn’t know about Terri until Ancestry’s report came out in April 2019.

“We both signed up on ancestry.com, and they sent the packet to each of us separately. At that point, I didn’t know that Terri existed, and she didn’t know about me,” said Ed Interndonati in an interview with The Free Press.

Ed continued, “Now the strangest part of this whole deal is, Terri and I signed up for Ancestry within two-days of each other.”

When Ed received his results, he noticed a name that he didn’t recognize that listed a ‘parent/child.’ Ed reached out to a close friend of his in Kentucky, that is a certified genealogist, to gain an understanding of the results, “I said Denise, what does this mean? She said to me, ‘Congratulations, Dad, you’ve got a daughter.'”

Terri received her results just days before Ed received his, and she reached out to him immediately, “She sent me a note, through Ancestry, saying that she meant no harm, and she just wanted some answers.”

Ed responded to Terri’s message on Ancestry and said within 15 minutes after sending that email, Terri called him, and the pair spoke for two-hours.

Ed has three children who he reached out to tell them the news immediately. “I called all of my kids and informed them what I found out. I certainly didn’t want them to hear it from a third source, and they were all excited.”

Edward Interdonati and Terri Olson Crow SOURCE: FACEBOOK

“Terri is from Reno, Nevada, and I flew to meet her and her family the following month. Since that time, we have gotten together four-times. Terri was just here a couple of months ago, and we had another wonderful time together,” said Ed.

“She’s married, and her husband is just a gem of a person. I’ve got two grandchildren that I didn’t know I had.”

“This is something out of a story book,” said Ed.

Ed Interdonati is a 75-year-old resident of New Port Richey. Ed attended St. Petersburg College and Largo High School, and is a Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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  1. I was a black market baby the name I grew up with is not legal I did find my legal birth certificate but the father that’s on there is not my biological father I don’t know what name I should enter

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