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Florida Gov. DeSantis Promotes Election-Security Investigative Unit Proposal, Which Would Be The First Of Its Kind

One reason Americans are fleeing Democratic-run cities and states is the issue of law and order versus lawlessness.

Where conservatives see rioters, liberals see “most peaceful protesters.” Where conservatives see looters, liberals see the “economically disadvantaged” hindered by an economic system rigged against them. Where conservatives see illegal immigrants, liberals see asylum-seekers or benign “migrants.”

And when conservatives demand election accountability with measures like photo identification for voting, liberals see either racism or dismiss such moves as unnecessary because voter fraud is “extremely rare” – as if a small number of people committing a crime doesn’t actually make it a crime.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has promoted law and order throughout his term, whether through border security or cracking down on rioters, is now applying the same logic to voting.

DeSantis is moving to create the country’s first state-run criminal investigations unit dedicated to election fraud.

The governor’s budget funds such an office, featuring 52 staffers funded with $5.7 million.

Liberals, naturally, dismissed the idea. Liberal Democratic State Attorney Andrew Warren in Hillsborough County told the Miami Herald, “What in the world are 52 investigators going to do all year long? Wait for the phone to ring?”

Warren is apparently of the ilk that believes election officials only work every other year. He doesn’t seem to mind that a state adding nearly 1,000 people a day from elsewhere might need people to verify voters are not casting ballots illegally – as three people from The Villages were just arrested for doing.

The issue is that county-level elections supervisors in Florida can take complaints all day long, but they have minimal staff and no enforcement power.

DeSantis, whose proposal works out to less than one investigator per county, said that would change with his new crime-fighting unit.

“Some of these counties, some of them will do the cases, but that’s not their expertise,” DeSantis said recently. “They have all these other crimes to deal with. So by the time it happens, the election’s already over.” And, he added, “Some just don’t want to deal with it at all.”

“I guarantee you this,” DeSantis said on another occasion this week, “the first person that gets caught, nobody wants to do it again after that because they know there’s enforcement.”

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One Reply to “Florida Gov. DeSantis Promotes Election-Security Investigative Unit Proposal, Which Would Be The First Of Its Kind”

  1. Every “Red” state governor SHOULD propose the same! Most will not and they will be STUPID MORONS for NOT! If anyone thinks that the republican party has 2022 and 2024 sewed up, they are as STUPID as one can be! The COMMUNIST DEMICREEP PARTY OWNS ALL OF THE VOTING MACHINES IN THIS COUNTRY THAT MATTER AND THEIR OUTPUT ISN’T “ENGINEERED TO PUT A REPUBLICAN INTO OFFICE!

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