Florida Gov. DeSantis Signing HB 1365 (File)

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Public Records Exemptions

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signing HB 1365 (File)
Florida Gov. DeSantis Signing HB 1365 (File)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed 12 bills on Thursday, including measures that will provide public records exemptions to shield personal information about county and city attorneys and court clerks.

Lawmakers passed the bills during the legislative session that ended in March. One of the bills (HB 103) will provide a public records exemption for personal information about county attorneys, city attorneys, assistant and deputy attorneys, and family members.

It will shield information such as home addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth from being released.

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The bill said county and city attorneys are involved in issues such as enforcing codes and ordinances that can lead to retribution and threats.

“The Legislature finds that the release of such personal identifying and location information could place such attorneys and their spouses and children in danger of being stalked or physically and emotionally harmed by a defendant or other person,” the bill said.

Similarly, DeSantis signed a bill (HB 983) that will prevent the release of personal information about clerks of circuit court, clerks’ employees and family members.

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