i-75 Florida Wildfire

Florida Highway Patrol Closes Portion Of Northbound I-75 Due To Wildfire

i-75 Florida Wildfire
Source: FDOT

The Florida Highway Patrol is closing northbound Interstate 75 from mile marker 116 (Bonita Beach Road Exit) to mile marker 123 (Corkscrew Road), due to the proximity of a wildfire/smoke.

At this time, southbound Interstate 75 remains open. Northbound traffic can use US 41 or Imperial Parkway / Three Oaks Parkway.

Wildfires, smoke, fog and heavy rain can all lower visibility on the roads. It is important for motorist to drive as safely as possible in these conditions.

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  • DRIVE WITH LIGHTS on low beam. High beams will only be reflected off the fog and impair visibility even more. Your lights help other drivers see your vehicle, so be sure they all work. Keep your windshield and headlights clean, to reduce the glare and increase visibility.
  • SLOW DOWN – and watch your speedometer before you enter a patch of fog.
  • WATCH OUT for slow-moving and parked vehicles. Open you window a little and listen for traffic you cannot see.
  • REDUCE THE DISTRACTIONS in your vehicle. Turn off the radio and cell phone. Your full attention is required.
  • USE WIPERS AND DEFROSTERS liberally for maximum visibility. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if poor visibility is due to fog or moisture on the windshield.
  • USE THE RIGHT EDGE of the road or painted road markings as a guide.
  • BE PATIENT avoid passing and/or changing lanes.
  • SIGNAL TURNS well in advance and brake early as you approach a stop.
  • DO NOT STOP on a freeway or heavily traveled road. You could become the first link in a chain-reaction collision. If you must pull off the road, signal, then carefully pull off as far as possible and turn your hazard lights on.

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