pasco county motorcycle accident

Florida Highway Patrol Investigating Deadly October Pasco Motorcycle Accident

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – Florida Highway Patrol Troopers continue to investigate the October 17th fatal crash and now have reason to believe that a late model Ford pickup truck made have completed a lane change and entered the path of the motorcycle, resulting in a loss of control for the rider, which resulted in his death.

The vehicle is described as a late model truck, silver in color, with a full-size bed.  The truck appeared to be slightly lifted with rear tinted windows.  The driver was described as a white male with dark hair and possibly 25-40 years of age. 

Early in the investigation, troopers believed that the motorcycle rider simply lost control of the motorcycle, which departed the roadway and entered the center median, which killed the 66-year-old man.

Anyone with details regarding this case is asked to contact the FHP by calling 813-558-1800.

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