Virginia's Attorney General, Jason Miyares

Florida Joins Virginia AG’s Effort For Supreme Court To Weigh In On Parental Rights

Virginia's Attorney General, Jason Miyares
Virginia’s Attorney General, Jason Miyares

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has spearheaded a 16-state coalition in filing an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case at the heart of this legal battle centers around a Wisconsin school district’s implementation of guidelines that allow students to unilaterally change their gender identity at school – including names, pronouns, and use of facilities – without parental notification or consent.

This controversial policy has sparked outrage among concerned parents, who argue that it blatantly violates their rights to be involved in their children’s educational and personal development.

“Parents have the right to be involved in major decisions affecting their children’s lives. This case presents an opportunity for the U.S. Supreme Court to provide much-needed clarity and reaffirm that government officials cannot override parents’ fundamental rights simply because they believe they know better,” said Attorney General Jason Miyares. “It is essential that schools work with parents, not against them, to support a child’s wellbeing.”

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In 2021, the Wisconsin school district at the center of this legal battle implemented guidelines that enabled students to unilaterally change their gender identity at school without any parental involvement.

This included the ability to alter their names, pronouns, and even the use of school facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms. A group of concerned parents from the district subsequently filed a complaint, arguing that this policy infringed upon their constitutional rights.

However, the district court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the parents’ case, ruling that they lacked the necessary legal standing to bring federal claims.

Attorney General Miyares and the 16-state coalition are now urging the Supreme Court to hear this pivotal case and provide much-needed clarity on parental rights.

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The Supreme Court’s decision to hear this case would present a critical opportunity to reaffirm parents’ fundamental rights to be involved in their children’s educational and personal development.

This could have far-reaching implications, not just for the Wisconsin school district but for educational institutions nationwide that may be tempted to sideline parental involvement in the name of perceived progressive ideals.

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