Florida Man Arrested For Accosting And Stalking Female Trump Supporter

An outspoken, Trump-hating Florida man was arrested recently for stalking a conservative woman in a swimming pool.

Last Friday, Sumter County deputies arrested Ed McGinty, Villages, Florida, after he accosted a woman who was wearing an anti-Biden shirt at a pool inside America’s largest retirement community.

The arrest came after officials banned McGinty from the pool because of his actions.

In a tweet on Sept. 23, McGinty said along with a photo he had posted, “The woman in Red her shirt reads Biden Sucks. I protested verbally that she take it off or I would take a picture and post it so her grandchildren would see it. The six trump (sic) supporters complained and the police banned me from the pools.”

But besides demonstrating that he missed his side’s #MeToo moment by demanding a woman take off her wet T-shirt, McGinty did not let it end there, according to

The liberal also called the woman a “pig,” and, as Villages-News reported, McGinty “allegedly went twice on Friday to the home of the woman with whom he had argued at the swimming pool.”

On Sunday, as many liberals do in such situations, McGinty asserted on Twitter that he was the real victim.

“I was arrested Friday night and spent 8 hours on a cold concrete slab for peacefully protesting in front of a persons (sic) house, who had been stalking me. Talk about Nazi Party. It lives in the villages (sic) Florida,” he said.

The conservative Media Research Center noted that because of his Trump hatred, McGinty has drawn the national liberal media to the place that calls itself “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.”

Politico in September 2020 highlighted McGinty, who moved to Central Florida from Philadelphia in 2015, as one reason Florida’s senior citizen voters were “suddenly in play” during the election. The liberal website referred to him as “the poster child for a Democratic resonance in the conservative stronghold.”

McGinty wenty along for the ride, telling Politico, “I’m the most hated man in The Villages, and I say that with all sincerity. But that’s OK.”

The massage McGinty got from Politico followed an earlier 2020 profile of him by The Washington Post.

The Post piece clearly made McGinty out to be both victim and hero for his outspoken denunciation of Trump, and his bitter arguments against the MAGA crowd – even though the paper noted that McGinty responds as good as he gets when insults are directed his way.

In closing that article, McGinty told the Post, “I’m proud that I’m standing up for what’s right. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that what I’m doing is right.”

Even, one supposes, when a man who referred to Trump as a “sexual predator” demands a woman take off her shirt in the pool.

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3 Replies to “Florida Man Arrested For Accosting And Stalking Female Trump Supporter”

  1. Haha… the article reaks with TRAITOR trumpee DISTORTIONS and context issues and presumptions that all progressive and nontrumpee people think alike… talk about your biased and FAILED journalism standards….

    Clearly the guy has mental health issues and likely are age related..

    But let us not forget or forgive all the TRUMPEE folks with severe and violent mental HEALTH issues … and the kkk clowns dancing for trumpee… and the anticonstitutionists trying for wealth a coupe and naked power… jan 6th says it all about the acting out of GOP idiots and dupes doing the will of the wealthy instead the will of regular folks and majority…. MEECONNEL is the CLASSIC WEALTHY guy obstructionist hurting the middle class to reward the wealthy. ..

    Sad that people dont do their THEIR homework and see who supports the needs of workers.. women.. children.. ELDERLY… sick…middle class… vs who PANDERS to the WEALTHY and MEGA corporations… then choices are obvious…

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