Florida Man Jailed After Argument Turns To ‘Enraged’ Violence Over Tom Brady Dispute

Mention Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom Brady to a group of football fans, and you’ll likely spar a rousing debate about who’s is the NFL’s GOAT, greatest of all time.

Mention Brady to Brian Paulter of St. Petersburg and you’ll get punched. At least that’s what happened to his wife, a buddy, and his friend’s wife, according to The Smoking Gun.

TSG reports that Paulter and his crew were out for a day of drinking on Sunday when they became embroiled in a “heated argument” over the future Hall of Fame QB.

It’s unclear what triggered Paulter – besides the booze.

But TSG reports that his Facebook page shows that he is a big fan of Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots.

Whatever set off the argument, Paulter became “enraged,” TSG noted.

As TSG tells it, “Upon arriving home, Paulter fought with a friend, punching the man in the face multiple times, leaving the victim bloody and with visible injuries. After pummeling his buddy, Paulter ‘became combative’ with the man’s wife, cops allege.”

Continuing, TSG notes, “Paulter later shoved both his pal’s wife and his own spouse, causing her to slip and strike her head on the kitchen counter. Paulter’s wife, 34, suffered a ‘very large contusion on her forehead,’ but was uncooperative with police. The other woman, however, provided cops with an account of how Poulter’s wife sustained her injury.”

Paulter was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery, taken to the county jail, and released on his own recognizance on Tuesday, according to TSG.

But he must not have any contact with his wife, and must wear an ankle bracelet that monitors his blood alcohol concentration.  

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