Florida Mom, Who’s An OnlyFans Model, Sues School District After Being Booted As Volunteer

In recent months, it’s become clear that parents want to be more involved in their kids’ education, based on what happens in classrooms.
Victoria Triece (Via Twitter)

In recent months, it’s become clear that parents want to be more involved in their kids’ education, based on what happens in classrooms.

But Orange County Public Schools decided to draw a line, which now earned the school district a lawsuit.

Orlando resident Victoria Triece sued OCPS because it blocked her from volunteering at her child’s school.

The reason: She’s an OnlyFans “model.”

This seems odd, given that a bevy of advocates — from school officials, teachers’ unions, some parents, and LGBTQ activists — argue it’s perfectly fine for teachers to take students on field trips to gay bars, for drag queens to read stories to kindergartners, and for boys to don women’s lingerie and give their principal a lap dance.

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The Free Press reported in October 2021 that Triece got booted from participating at Sand Lake Elementary after her extracurricular activities were outed to school officials.

The school blocked her, even though she had been a volunteer for five years and regularly passed background checks and drug tests.

Meanwhile, the school district’s parent-volunteer program did not address what volunteers may do off campus and after school.

Triece said she was “humiliated” by being exposed, and that she only wanted to volunteer as her own mother had done for her.

In fact, as The Blaze noted, Triece said became an exhibitor on OnlyFans because “I didn’t want a 9 to 5 [job]. I wanted to still be involved” with her children.

“I don’t think any mom, any dad, anybody in the position that I’m in should be going through this,” Triece added. “Be told what you do in your private life will affect you seeing your children in any realm at all. It’s just a, morally it’s just wrong.”

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“The main reason I’m doing this,” she said of the lawsuit, “it’s not for myself. I can only imagine who’s been through this and couldn’t fight it.”

Triece’s lawyer, Mark NeJame, noted, “It’s kind of like the old days of having a scarlet letter on your head. What she was doing, what she does in her off time, it’s not illegal. But yet, we have a morality police with the Orange County School Board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision.”

“Nobody knew about it until the school opted to out her,” NeJame continued. “Until a parent didn’t like what she was doing in her off time and told the school. And then the school recklessly went ahead and distributed these images.”

“If they’re involved in multiple sex partners, are they prevented from seeing their children at school? If they work in the adult industry as a topless dancer or as a male dancer, are they prevented from seeing their children at school?” he asked of other parents.

“Where does this stop?”

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