Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna

Florida Rep. Ann Paulina Luna Intros Legislation To Combat Child Trafficking With DNA Testing

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna
Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida’s 13th District has introduced a legislative package that aims to combat these concerning practices.

With the alarming rise in illegal border crossings and the Biden administration’s perceived mishandling of the situation, Rep. Luna has stepped up to introduce two crucial bills: the Family Reunification Act and the Illegal Labor Accountability Act.

The Family Reunification Act, co-sponsored by several of Rep. Luna’s colleagues, including Representatives Jeff Duncan, Josh Brecheen, Andy Biggs, and Don Bacon, takes a decisive stance against the rampant child trafficking occurring at the border.

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This legislation mandates DNA testing for individuals claiming a familial connection with children entering the country, ensuring that only legitimate family members are reunited. By implementing this measure, the bill aims to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable children who are often victims of trafficking and forced labor.

According to the Federal Human Trafficking Report, in 2018, over 51% of the human trafficking cases active in the United States involved the exploitation of children through sex trafficking.

This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for action to protect the well-being of these young victims.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has come under scrutiny for its handling of the issue, with reports indicating that it has released more than 340 migrant children to live with non-relatives in June 2023 alone.

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Additionally, from 2021 to 2023, the Department of Health and Human Services under the Biden administration was unable to locate more than 85,000 children they had sent to live with sponsors.

“Under the Biden administration, almost two and a half million people have crossed our borders illegally while claiming to be part of a family unit. Many of the children in these ‘family units’ are victims of trafficking and forced labor,” said Luna. “We have greedy companies unlawfully hiring illegals, both adults and children, for cheap labor instead of hiring Americans. Not only are they exploiting these immigrants, but they are not being properly held accountable for it. We need to put an end to this.”

The disturbing reality of child trafficking has been further illuminated by the testimony of Tara Lee Rodas, a whistleblower who volunteered for the Biden administration.

Rodas revealed that children are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with recruitment in their home countries, smuggling them to the U.S. border, and culminating in the delivery of these children to sponsors, some of whom are criminals and traffickers.

Rodas also stated that some sponsors view these children as commodities and assets to be exploited for financial gain, leading to an explosion of labor trafficking.

Alongside the measures to address child trafficking, Rep. Luna has also introduced the Illegal Labor Accountability Act, which seeks to combat the unlawful hiring of illegal migrants for exploitation. This legislation aims to triple the civil penalties for employers who engage in the exploitation of undocumented workers, holding them accountable for their actions.

The issue of illegal migrant workers being exploited for cheap labor has been well-documented. The New York Times has spoken to over 100 migrant child workers who described their jobs as “grinding them into exhaustion” and that they had “become trapped in circumstances they never could have imagined.”

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Furthermore, the Department of Labor has investigated reports of migrant children being used to clean slaughterhouses, highlighting the dire conditions and exploitation these individuals face.

The bill, co-sponsored by Representatives Jeff Duncan, Josh Brecheen, Andy Biggs, and Randy Weber, seeks to triple the civil penalties for employers who hire illegal migrants, sending a strong message that such practices will not be tolerated.

This measure is designed to deter companies from engaging in the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and to protect American workers from unfair competition.

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