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Florida Republican Sen. Rubio Wants Pfizer To Answer “Mutating” Claims Made In Video Sting

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio

This week Project Veritas stung again, and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is demanding answers from its supposed victim.

The conservative group famous for its undercover videos of liberals actually telling the truth released this week a damning video of a Pfizer executive indicating the Big Pharma giant may manipulate strains of the COVID-19 virus to keep up demand for vaccines. 

Jordon Trishton Walker, reportedly Pfizer’s director of research and development, strategic operations, and mRNA scientific planning, was recorded telling Project Veritas’ operative that the company keeps “mutating” COVID viruses to freshen up the market for tailored vaccines to treat them.

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“You know how the virus keeps mutating? Well, one of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively build new vaccines, right?” Walker told Project Veritas.

“If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine, no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f—ing viruses.

“So, that’s like one of the things we’re considering for, like, the future,” Walker added.

He also described the process whereby the company infects monkeys and keeps them infecting each other to collect data. In the video, he also reportedly admits that Pfizer big shots know the virus emerged from a lab. “It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere,” Walker said on the recording. “It’s bulls–t.”

When Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe faced down Walker with the big reveal, Walker had an utter meltdown. He assaulted O’Keefe and smashed his iPad — not exactly the behavior of an innocent man.

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On Thursday, after the video surfaced, Sen. Rubio sent a letter to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla inquiring about the company’s “manipulation” of the virus.

Whether it’s “gain of function” research or “directed evolution,” Rubio wrote, “any effort to make a virus more transmittable and deadlier is careless and dangerous.”

Walker, the senator added, “stated that Pfizer is willing to engage in this dangerous research because COVID and its variants are ‘a cash cow’ for the company and regulators will go easy on their efforts because a significant percentage of government officials aim to work for Pfizer and other biopharmaceutical companies and do not want to compromise their future job prospects.”

Against that “troubling” backdrop, he said, Walker’s claims, if true, show that Pfizer “has put its desire for profit over the concern of national and global health and must hold itself accountable.”

“Though he claimed the research is currently ‘exploratory,’” Rubio wrote, “he detailed how the research would proceed, such as how scientists would inject the mutated viruses into monkeys and collect serial samples from other monkeys who are infected.”

“Any effort to make a virus more transmittable and deadlier is careless and dangerous,” Rubio added. “These claims from your leadership charged with research and development are alarming.”

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Accordingly, he demanded that Bourla explain whether Pfizer is currently, or planning to, engage in mutating the virus, and does the firm intend to continue “mutating” the virus “with the purpose of creating new vaccines before the variant is present in the greater population.”

Rubio also asked whether Pfizer engaged with federal officials about overseeing such research, and what steps Pfizer has taken to ensure its mutated virus doesn’t leak from its lab.

Finally, Rubio wanted Bourla to share if Pfizer worked with other Big Pharma members on this research, and if he will prohibit any future mutation research since “substantial evidence” indicates that “similar dangerous research” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China “very likely led to the initial emergence and global spread of the virus.”

“As a leader in global public health and development of the COVID vaccine, with American taxpayer dollars, it is critical that Pfizer is accountable for their actions and be transparent with the public on the substance and intent of their research,” Rubio concluded.

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