US Senator Rick Scott

Florida U.S. Senator Rick Scott Calls on Congress to Get Serious About $27 Trillion Debt

Today, Senator Rick Scott, FL-R, wrote a letter to his colleagues in Congress urging them to commit to making the changes necessary to put the nation on a successful fiscal path and address our out-of-control $27 trillion federal debt.

In a tweet Tuesday, Senator Rick Scott said, “Congress needs to get serious about America’s debt. We are $27 TRILLION in debt thanks to Washington’s out of control spending & inaction on the debt limit. We must act now to put the U.S. on a fiscally successful path.”

In August, the current two-year suspension of the debt ceiling will expire and Congress will again be faced with a vote to increase the debt limit.

“The United States has more than $27 trillion of debt and the highest debt to GDP in our history. This is an issue that should gravely concern every member of this body,” said Senator Scott.

Congress has a long history of passing comprehensive legislation to both address the debt limit while also imposing crucial deficit and debt reductions measures.

“We still have work to do, but we cannot keep suspending the debt limit and ignoring our fiscal problems. We can work together to fund our priorities, including the military, securing the border, battling COVID-19 and getting the vaccines out quickly, and preserving important programs like Medicare and Social Security,” said Scott.

Soon, the two-year suspension of the debt limit will expire and Congress will be faced once again with another vote to increase the debt limit. While the U.S. is maxing out the credit card, again, with no plan to pay it off.


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