“The federal government's medical establishment releasing guidance failing at the most basic level of academic rigor shows that this was never about health care," state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement.

Florida’s Surgeon General Calls On The FDA, CDC For Transparency About COVID Vax Side Effects

“The federal government's medical establishment releasing guidance failing at the most basic level of academic rigor shows that this was never about health care," state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement.
Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo (TFP File Photo)

COVID-19 vaccines ignited a 4,400% spike in life-threatening illnesses in Florida, according to state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

Ladapo referenced the number in a letter sent Wednesday to the directors of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the letter to the agencies, Ladapo noted a recent study that revealed an “excess risk” of serious side effects from the vaccines. He called on both agencies to be more transparent about the effects of the jabs, which liberals, including President Joe Biden, once proclaimed would prevent people from even getting COVID-19. 

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The pandemic, Ladapo noted, brought unprecedented challenges for the medical community. And while the initial response was driven “by a sense of urgency and crisis management,” at this stage, it’s time for public health professionals “to chart a future guided by data and common sense.”

Ladapo pointed out that part of that guiding strategy included his own warnings about vaxxing children and young men with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which did not demonstrate a health benefit in clinical trials.

“In addition to Florida’s analysis of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,” Ladapo wrote, “academic researchers throughout our country and around the globe have seen troubling safety signals of adverse events surrounding this vaccine.” He stated these concerns arise as a result of the “substantial increase” in adverse effects, including life-threatening conditions, that cropped up in the federal vaccine database.

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“We have never seen this type of response following previous mass vaccination efforts pushed by the federal government,” Ladapo maintained.

Just in Florida alone, he reported, the state saw a 1,700% increase in such reports after the vaccines were released.

But the jump in reported life-threatening conditions was a staggering 4,400% after the vaccines went mainstream.

“These findings are unlikely to be related to changes in reporting given their magnitude, and more likely reflect a pattern of increased risk from mRNA COVlD-19 vaccines,” Ladapo said.

“We need unbiased research, as many in the academic community have performed, to better understand these vaccines’ short-and long-term effects.”

He cited a recent study that found mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an “excess risk” of serious adverse events. Those include coagulation disorders, acute cardiac injuries, Bell’s palsy, and encephalitis, to name a few.

“To claim these vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ while minimizing and disregarding the adverse events is unconscionable,” he continued.

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“Communication between physicians and patients is a standard ethical practice that is fundamental to public health. Health care professionals should have the ability to accurately communicate the risks and benefits of a medical intervention to their patients without fear of retaliation by the federal government.”

“Florida remains dedicated to responding to COVID-19 and other public health concerns through data-driven decisions. We will continue to shed light on the safety and efficacy of medications, including mRNA COVID-I9 vaccines, that could be an imminent threat to those with preexisting conditions,” wrote Ladapo.

“We will also promote the importance of prevention by supporting good nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits.”

Concluding, Ladapo wrote that as a father, doctor, and the state surgeon general, he requested that the FDA and CDC “promote transparency in health care professionals to accurately communicate the risks these vaccines pose.”

He also petitioned them “to protect the rights and liberties that we are endowed with, not restrict, and diminish them.”

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