For Pro-Lifers, Perhaps Someone Other Than Trump Is Finally Listening

Pro-life activists should not get their hopes up, but clearly, after four years of the Trump administration’s support, their voice is being heard.

Liberals quickly and predictably whirled into an end-of-the-world mode when the U.S. Supreme Court, which has six Republican-appointed justices, agreed last week to a hear a challenge to Mississippi’s law that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks.

But the real news comes out of the University of Notre Dame.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden became the first president or vice president in more than 20 years to skip Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony after thousands of alumni complained to the school’s administration about Biden’s abortion views.

Biden is America’s second Catholic president, and had addressed the grads of the nation’s most renowned Catholic university when he served as vice president under President Barack Obama

According to a Catholic News Agency report from a couple of weeks ago, Notre Dame did invite Biden, but he cited a scheduling conflict that prevented him from attending.

But The Washington Times reported that more than 4,300 “members of the Notre Dame community” had issued an open letter to the Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins to not invite Biden because of his “pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty agenda.”

In part, those who signed that letter argued, “We certainly agree that the university should be free to invite speakers who disagree with Church teachings, but this is beside the point. It has nothing to do with honoring them, which should be governed by the injunction of the nation’s bishops that ‘Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.’ Biden is such a person writ large.”

“He rejects Church teachings on abortion, marriage, sex, and gender and is hostile to religious liberty. He embraces the most pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty public policy program in history. The case against honoring him is immeasurably stronger than it was against honoring President Obama, an action that alienated countless Catholics and brought upon Notre Dame the harsh criticism of 83 cardinals, archbishops and bishops,” the letter continued.

“Biden’s actions already taken and those promised will result in the killing of countless innocent unborn both here and abroad through federal funding of abortions and abortion organizations. This is not hyperbole. It is demonstrable fact because of Biden’s lifting the bar against the flow of federal funds to both domestic and international Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. The calamity will assume truly harrowing proportions if Biden achieves his goal of providing direct federal funding of abortions.”

Moreover, on May 15, a few days after the CNA report about the commencement invite, the agency reported on the reaction of Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, where Notre Dame is. Rhoades publicly objected to the school presenting Biden with its Laetare Medal, its highest honor.

“We should seek to honor those who act to protect human life and dignity from conception to natural death, who respect true marriage and the family, who promote peace, justice, religious freedom, solidarity, the integral development of the poor, the just treatment of immigrants, and care for creation,” Rhoades said.

“We should not honor those who may be exemplary in one area but gravely irresponsible in another.”

It’s unclear what Biden’s conflict was., a website that publishes the president’s daily schedule, noted that the only items on Biden’s schedule for the weekend, aside from the White House press corps arriving for a daily brief, were a trip by him and first lady Jill Biden to Camp David shortly after 11 a.m. on Saturday and their return to the White House at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

Multiple news outlets that reported on Biden skipping the commencement address appeared to tie it to the letter from the 4,300 protesters who wanted him to stay away.

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