Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned Black Lives Matter (BLM) leadership and other activists that he would not surrender the city to those who wish to burn it down in a Thursday speech.

For The First Time In 3 Years, BLM’s Approval Rating Underwater With The Public

A tweet-the-delete fiasco by race hustler extraordinaire Ibram X. Kendi revealed that systemic racism is a thing – not just the way that he and other anti-white crusaders believe.

As The Free Press reported last week, a new study by found that 34 percent of 1,250 white college students polled about going to college lied about being minorities on their college applications.

The startling thing was that it worked. reported that 77 percent of them claimed they go into the colleges they had lied to.

After The Hill picked up on the story, Kendi tweeted a link to it, along with a comment noting, “More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native Americans. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race, were accepted.”

Kendi later deleted the tweet when it dawned on him that it did not make the indictment of the American higher education system that he hoped.

In fact, the poll revealed the opposite: that minorities hold such power in college admissions that white kids feel the need to cheat this way just to compete.

But Kendi’s experience also served the spotlight the results of a different poll.

The aggressive, unrelenting efforts of left-wingers like Kendi and the progressive whites who support him to paint America as a nation born or and forever sustaining white supremacy is finally wearing on the American public.

Breitbart News reported on Friday that the ratio of Americans who oppose Black Lives Matter outnumbers that of BLM supporters for the first time in three years.

Among respondents, 44 percent said they did not support BLM, compared to 43 percent who did.

The results were about equally split along party lines among Republicans and Democrats on the support/don’t support question. The poll also found that older Americans cast a wary eye on BLM, while younger Americans favor the group.

Where BLM came up short is among political independents. “Interestingly enough, more independent respondents opposed the movement, nearly half (49 percent), compared to only 34 percent of the independents who supported BLM,” Breitbart noted.

The last time BLM was underwater in the support question was May 2018, Breitbart added.

Perhaps the new outcome indicates Americans have tired of Kendi and BLM activists whose left-wing vision of America differs from the reality others see around them. 

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