Drew Steiner (FCPD)

Former Army Doctor Gets 30 Years In Virginia For Brutal Basement Attack On Wife, Duct Taping Her To Pole

Drew Steiner (FCPD)
Drew Steiner (FCPD)

A former Army doctor, Drew Steiner, 61, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Friday for a vicious attack on his wife in their Virginia home.

The attack, which took place in September 2020, involved Steiner binding his wife to a pole in their basement with duct tape.

According to court documents and trial testimony, Steiner’s wife reported that he assaulted her after he requested to leave COVID-19 quarantine and rejoin her in the bedroom.

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This sentencing comes after Steiner’s conviction in October 2023 on charges of abduction with intent to defile, malicious wounding, and attempted rape.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney highlighted that this sentencing marks the conclusion of a harrowing ordeal for the victim and signifies the severity of Steiner’s crimes.

Disturbingly, this wasn’t Steiner’s first offense. He is already serving a 10-year sentence for an unrelated rape that occurred a month prior to the attack on his wife.

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This case raises concerns about domestic violence and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable, regardless of their profession or background.

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