Former Trump Adviser Denounces Biden Border Policy, Says We Will ‘Cease To Be A Nation’ If We Follow It

To hear the Democrats and the national media tell it, it is former President Donald Trump and his followers who spread the “big lie” about the 2020 election being stolen from the Republicans.

But Trump’s critics never seem to pay the price for spreading their own big lie – one that is easily refuted by the evidence we can all see.

That is, that the migrants coming to our border are hundreds of thousands of people from primarily non-white, non-European countries. 

Trump’s former adviser, Stephen Miller, called attention to this in an interview with Fox News host Mark Levin on Sunday.

Miller suggested that people migrate to where they see freedom and opportunity. Miller cited the former Soviet Union as one example. Yet that’s true within our own country, as we see people fleeing New York, California, and other blue states for red ones in the Sunbelt.

“The best measure of the kinds of freedom, rights, the dignity that is afforded by a society is whether or not people are trying to leave en masse, or whether or not people are trying to arrive en masse,” Miller told Levin. “It is as basic a measure as you’re going to get.”

He noted that the United States is “the No. 1 global destination for migration,” and in fact has been “for a very long time.”

“The challenge that we have as a country then is to establish rules and conditions and to enforce laws governing who can and can’t enter,” Miller added.

And there, of course, is where the Biden administration is flailing and failing.

Miller noted that we would “cease to have a nation,” if we accept the liberals’ premise that everyone who needs a chance at better economic opportunity, as we would be forced to allows in “several billion” people.

“I was at the White House for four years and what we saw working day and night on the border is that it had become a global phenomenon,” Miller told Levin. “Smuggling and trafficking networks bring people from all over planet Earth, from literally scores of countries into our border.”

It’s unimaginable that right now that the message that this administration has sent to the world: if you smuggle a child to our border, you will get in, and that child will get it. It’s outrageous. It’s dangerous. And it is antithetical to the idea of sovereignty. We are basically saying that there is a loophole in our border so large that half of planet Earth can fit through it.”

Miller also pointed out that those who are now massing at the border are “people of color,” who are “disproportionately” hurt by the Biden administration’s open-borders policy because they essentially become indentured servants to the smugglers.

“This is what we’re doing on the border of the greatest country in the world?” Miller asked.

Miller argued that Biden is running afoul of the Constitution because he is refusing to enforce duly enacted laws. He also criticized the “backdoor” effort to rein in the Immigraiton and Customs Enforcement service by executive orders.

For those reasons, Miller said, his nonpartisan group, America First Legal, is working with states to sue the administration over its border policies.  

“We don’t have a democracy anymore if a president can come in and say, ‘this whole section of law doesn’t exist anymore,'” Miller added.

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