Last week The Daily Wire re-released its ground-breaking exposé of the transgender movement, “What is a Woman?”

Former UPenn Swimmer Speaks Out About Lia Thomas

Last week The Daily Wire re-released its ground-breaking exposé of the transgender movement, “What is a Woman?”
Paula Scanlan (Source: Matt Walsh)

Last week The Daily Wire re-released its ground-breaking exposé of the transgender movement, “What is a Woman?”

The film, posted on Twitter to troll LGBTQ activists at the beginning of Pride Month, garnered a mind-blowing 175 million views.

Now, one of the featured critics of transgenderism from the movie, whose identity had to be shadowed last year, is going public.

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On Monday, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, the film’s star, released his interview with Paula Scanlan, a former swimmer and teammate of transgender athlete Lia Thomas at the University of Pennsylvania.

Scanlan said she went public because she felt empowered by the outspoken criticism of all-American swimmer Riley Gaines, who has become a star in conservative circles for defending women’s sports against the encroachment of trans politics.

“The more voices we have, the more powerful this will be,” Scanlan said. “It’s about fighting for women and girls across the country.”

Walsh asked Scanlan to recount the beginning of the controversy at Penn. She said Thomas was introduced to the team with no advance notice about his transition.

“I never thought that would be my reality,” she said. “It was really uncomfortable [in the locker room]. … When you’re changing and there’s all these people talking in the background, you hear all these women’s voices, then all of a sudden you hear a man’s voice, I’d always kind of jump a little bit.”

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Scanlan added that while her teammates acknowledged among themselves how unfair it was to let Thomas compete against women, Penn’s athletics department wanted to keep the team silent about criticizing Thomas. “It was really scary,” she said, because the school told them they would “regret” openly denouncing the decision of letting Thomas on board.

“The university wanted us to be quiet, and they did it in a very effective way. … It’s frightening and your future job is on the line and everything else you want to accomplish so of course it worked and then after that point no one would talk about it anymore,” said Scanlan.

“I actually did have hope for the entire season that somebody would step in and not allow this to happen,” she added. “These institutions failed us.”

“Their agenda is to have everyone believe what they want them to believe,” she added. “Universities want their agenda pushed into everyone’s mind.”

Walsh said that point resonated with him more than any other.

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“The most disturbing thing that @PaulaYScanlan revealed is the psychological manipulation from the school that made the real girls on the team question their own common sense and judgment,” he tweeted Monday night.

“They knew it was wrong to have a man on the team, but the gaslighting campaign was extremely effective.”

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