Founderology: The Ultimate Employee Guide

Kathleen Wood


Celebrate National Boss Day by Finally Understanding the Distinction between a Manager and a Founder, says “Founderology” Author

This is the first book written for Employees to thrive and succeed working with any leadership with an entrepreneurial mindset leading a dynamic and ever-changing workplace.”

— Kathleen Wood

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 14, 2021 / — As employees pause tomorrow to celebrate National Boss Day, strategic growth expert Kathleen Wood says bosses of organizations large and small should be both appreciated and better understood. Her book “Founderology: The Ultimate Employee Guide to Success with Any Boss in Any Workplace” is a practical how-to guide for employees in any workplace to grow and thrive while working for their boss.

Wood defines a Founder as a business owner. Founder is used throughout the book as a title to capture the collective of founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, business owners, owner-operators, franchisors and franchisee-led businesses. It’s a term that encapsulates leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset in any workplace.

“I know that there are so many leadership books for leaders; however, there are no playbooks for employees for how to work, thrive and succeed with leaders,” Wood said. “My goal is to bring greater clarity and alignment, teamwork and results to the workplace by bringing employees greater understanding of navigating the dynamic world of working with Founders.”

The Founderology framework offers employees an easy-to-use format to “find their sanity” by understanding a Founder’s mindset. Second, they should “embrace their genius” with practical opportunities to thrive. Finally, the framework concludes with “love their journey,” which includes actionable “stop and start tips for success.” The book is filled with anecdotes, reflective questions, tips and what the author calls “Woodisms,” insight gained from her vast experiences.

Kathleen Wood knows Founders because she is a Founder. Wood founded her first company more than 20 years ago. Her growth strategy firm, Kathleen Wood Partners (KWP), specializes in strategic growth planning, business optimization, competitive brand development and leadership development. KWP works with Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners with strategies to transform their visions into reality. Wood has consulted with Founders and employees across the United States and internationally in the process of growing great companies, building high-performance teams and enhancing award-winning brands.

National Boss Day was created in 1958 as an opportunity for employees to show appreciation for their bosses and to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors. “Founderology,” which is available starting today, is the science behind what makes a founder tick and how their employees can improve relations with them.

Kathleen Wood is the Founder of KWP, an innovative growth strategy firm committed to business success. Her firm specializes in transforming visions into reality through strategic growth solutions, business optimization, competitive sales building initiatives and leadership development.

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