Full Power Stretching: Nikki’s guide to fitness

Feeling younger with Full Power Stretching

Full Power Stretching, healthy lifestyle

Full Power Stretching, healthy lifestyle

Full Power Stretching become successful as others did

Full Power Stretching become successful as others did

Full Power Stretching: Dr. Nikki Zevende – a guide to fitness, weight loss, and feeling younger

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s really important to maintain a fitness routine when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The effects of power stretching, and strength training has always been a crucial debate in exercise science for the past decade. Through stretching exercises, we determine the physical mechanisms of our body and how it affects our well-being in the long run. Research nowadays suggests that these strengths and stretching programs in a normal routine impairs the abnormalities caused to our body by laziness and weakness. Browsing through internet, you tend to find a lot of similar programs that can be done without any external resources needed but how does one guarantee that which ones are legit and which ones are just marketing strategies. That is how you find Full Power Stretching.

This program will help you find loads of exercises and a proper workout routine to follow. The trainer Nikki Zevende PhD is a professional Yoga trainer and the author of Full Power Stretching. Through decades of training and experiences, she has found the answer to the irregularities that come in our body through years of struggle. Her workout routine is followed by thousands of people all around the globe and most of them do agree that her workout routine is the answer to a healthy lifestyle.

Her program is designed to help people lose weight and strengthen their muscles. Recent researches suggest that stretching and muscle hypertrophy has a limited correlation contributing to your daily calorie expenditure. The program is focused on primarily the Vinyasa Yoga stretching routine which is proven to be the most effective way for burning calories and weight loss. It’s been suggested by many scientific researches that the vinyasa yoga may be able to burn 300 to 400 calories in 15 minutes depending on the weight.

Nikki’s workout plan regime consists of many different types of stretching exercises that can be used daily for a full body transformation. The idea of doing power stretches for the whole body 20 minutes with minimal physical activity a day seems to be the most efficient way for weight loss training. This yoga routine focuses on mainly posture to posture, linking the movement of the body to the breath.

It does not work instantly if you are beginner because these exercises take a lot of practice to achieve maximum utility. It takes proper alignment of the body in the postures based on a person’s ability and experiences. A trainer like Nikki is the best way for a beginner to start their fitness regime. It’s better to have a trainer to support and guide through the process.

Nikki’s yoga plan is designed to reduce stress. In the long run, most people may find the Zen but the de-stressing of mind everyday with this fitness regime helps in reducing the desire to eat more mindlessly and gain weight. The ability of achieve mindfulness makes you less inclined to have external help and focus more on awareness towards your diet routine.

Some might disagree because some researches evidently suggest that yoga does not help in weight loss, but they do agree that adding yoga do help to maintain a good physique than existing sources of movements. Focusing on what to eat and yoga everyday might be a good remedy for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition is such a complex topic and it’s very difficult to understand the right kind of diet for you. Nutrition does have an impact on mind, however when it comes to having a healthy mind, nutrition doesn’t play a big role in staying young than stretching or exercise. This does not mean that nutrition does not play a big role in staying fit, it means that it acts as an aid when it comes to healthy mind and body.

If you think about it, staying young refers to maintaining a behavior or mindfulness which does not reflect with one’s age. These stretching exercises that we have to do every day helps our body keep in shape, tightening our muscles to carry out daily chores that are needed to be done for survival. Through these exercises, we keep our mind in a state that is only focused on bettering our mental health. Studies do tell us that these stretching routine do help us with pain that is associated with osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome which is common when you reach an old age. We see that a lot of drugs are being taken just to improve our mental health when it’s been factually proven that stretching routines are as effective as any drug therapy to the mind and body according to the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. Stanford University review also suggests that mind and body techniques which are related to yoga routines are also effective treatments for musculoskeletal diseases and other disorders. These studies do prove the fact that yoga stretching routines everyday does help in keeping an individual young and healthy regardless of their age.

Nikki Zevende’s research and experience throughout her life has enabled many to follow their dream and focus on what’s important when it comes to health and well-being. The training offers multiple exercises to do anywhere. Lifting weights and going to the gym can be strenuous. Some people might not be able to get the time to maintain their physique, so isn’t it better for them to do stretching at home for 15 minutes a day in a 6 to 7 ft free spot to improve their well-being. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in maintaining your body for hours, why not replace it with a 15-minute workout routine every day for just 30$ for lifetime access.

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