Rudy Giuliani Hair Dye

Giuliani Quotes ‘My Cousin Vinny’ At Press Conference While Hair Dye Runs Down His Cheeks

Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye ran down his face as he started to sweat during a Trump campaign press conference on Thursday. After the fact, a very embarrassing moment for America’s Mayor, but funny as hell for any viewer in real-time.

“Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny,” said Giuliani “How many fingers do I got up?”

While Giuliani, U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, spoke of allegations of election fraud, much of the attention focused on him and the black stuff running down both sides of his face.

Hair Stylists told the New York Times that hair dye unless freshly applied, doesn’t trickle down as it did with Giuliani. One color director at a Manhattan salon suggested he could have used plain, ol’ mascara to touch up his sideburns.

“Sideburns are more grey than the rest of the head,” Mirko Vergani says. “You can apply mascara to touch the grey side up a bit so it looks more natural.” Maybe that’s what it was, but regardless, Mayor, you landed in the ‘Not So Serious’ section of The Free Press.

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