Good News: New Personal Finance Book Points Out Money Missteps to Avoid.

Ken Remsen author of Get WalletWise

There is a new personal finance book out to help Americans struggling with debt, available now on Amazon, titled Get WalletWise by financial expert Ken Remsen.

I want to teach you how to manage your money so you can secure your wellbeing.”

— Ken Remsen

FLEMING ISLAND, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2021 / — Good News. There is a new personal finance book to help Americans struggling with debt, available now on Amazon and available free on Amazon Kindle before 9-15-2021, titled Get WalletWise by financial expert Ken Remsen.

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Many personal financial self-help books available today discuss money management basics, but remarkably, the current genre of self-help financial books, overlook predatory financial products, scams and rip-offs that victimize millions of Americans. Get WalletWise instructs the reader how to avoid financial missteps and provide clear money management examples. In addition, Get WalletWise offers methods to create positive money habits.

Get WalletWise releases readers from the habit of “keeping up with the Jones’s” and teaches them how to stop borrowing against their home equity. Readers find alternatives to using pay day loan businesses, pawnshops and other predatory lenders that other self-help finance books don’t talk about.
Get WalletWise helps the audience see the financial dangers associated with:

• Credit Card Debt.
• Debt Consolidation Companies.
• Predatory Lending.
• Student Loans.
• Drug Abuse.
• Driving Under the Influence.
• Multiple Divorces.
• Gambling.

Every day, millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet because they are providing for their raising kids, caring for elderly parents while saving for their kids’ college education and retirement. These families may host adult children living back at home. Families function with little understanding of how to manage their money. Our national school system does not teach financial literacy. Get WalletWise encourages a generation of families sandwiched between raising children and caring for aging parents. Get WalletWise helps families whose income and expenses are equal, do not have significant savings, and whose budget is a mess. Bloomberg reports that 50% of Americans have 0 net worth. CNBC reports that 40% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency expense. According to Forbes, 43% of student loan borrowers are in default and owe, on average, more than $16,000. Ironically, only 42% of college students graduate on time. One third of American adults have saved $0 for retirement. Get WalletWise the book, has a complementary website, filled with easy to use personal finance resources

Get WalletWise and Ken Remsen want to teach you how to manage your money to secure your wellbeing.

Ken Remsen

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