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GOP Denounces Border Crisis, Psaki Claims ‘Moral’ High Ground

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Tuesday suggested that the “heartbreaking circumstance” on America’s southern border was created by President Joe Biden’s big, soft heart.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Psaki maintained Biden’s innate humanity was responsible for “thousands of kids” not streaming across an increasingly porous border.

“This administration did not feel that it was humane or moral to send kids back on this treacherous journey — on the treacherous journey back to countries where they were fleeing persecution, or they were fleeing really difficult circumstances,” Psaki said.

“So now we’re in this tough spot where we need to be able to find facilities, shelters where these kids can have access to educational resources, to lawyers, to doctors. And we are also in a circumstance where we’re dealing with COVID. So a lot of facilities have smaller capacity. So that’s the challenge and that’s what we’re confronting.”

Kudos to Psaki for admitting the fast-mounting chaos at the border – which the administration has dubbed a “challenge” and not a crisis – is of its own making.

“What we are trying to do,” she added, “is move kids as quickly as possible through the Border Patrol facilities into shelters so that they can gain access to all those resources I said, and then quickly move them into sponsor homes or connect them with family members. That’s our objective.”

Unlike the meanies under former President Donald Trump, Psaki added, “We’re not ripping children from the arms of their parents.”

“That’s exactly what the Trump administration did. And we don’t think that’s a moral step. We also are not sending kids back on a treacherous trip that is dangerous, and many have lost their lives. So that’s another big difference.”

Of course, another big difference is that Biden has essentially quit enforcing America’s immigration laws – something he promised to “faithfully execute” when he took office – and is extending an open invitation to the rest of the world, at the peril of America’s quickly eroding sovereignty.

Psaki apparently failed to explain why U.S. taxpayers should fund all these services for illegal immigrants just because they want out of “really difficult circumstances.”

Too bad Biden’s much-ballyhooed empathy is not being extended to American children – many of whom have committed suicide because he refuses to reopen schools.

The Free Press readers may recall how we recently reported illegal immigrants were appearing at the California border with T-shirts that had Biden’s campaign logo and saying, “Please let us in” – after Psaki said the administration’s position was “now is not the time to come.”  

Sen. Tom Cotton, in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, was asked about Psaki’s earlier claim that the administration needed to work on that message.

The Arkansas Republican said the “Biden border crisis” shows the message got through.

“When a politician tells you that there’s a messaging or communications problem, what they really mean is they have a reality problem. And the realty problem is that they created a crisis at our southern border by inviting the entire world to show up and claim asylum,” Cotton said.

“Joe Biden’s administration is seeking out those illegal aliens that Donald Trump turned away and inviting them to come back to the border, enter — like, we’ve gone far beyond catch and release. This is recruit and release. They’re specifically recruiting illegal aliens who we already turned away once to come back so they can be let go into the country.”

Cotton added, “They sent a team down this week to ask about whether or not there were enough teachers there or what the accommodations were for kids. How about the team ask, what are we doing to stop it and to turn these migrants back? And to tell them this is not the way to come to America?”

In a separate interview on Fox, Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul noted, “President Biden says he wants us to be humane. He’s actually created a humanitarian crisis.”

The “Biden border crisis,” McCaul said, is “a threat to Americans, this population coming in.”

“I predict this, by summer, you’re going to see, as my governor just said, probably somewhere around a million people trying to get into this country illegally. And as I’ve said before, it’s ironic that you can get into this country illegally easier than you can get a tour of this Capitol right behind me.”

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