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GOP Lawmakers Denounce Democrats Trump Tax Return Release, Bringing Back “Enemies List”

Former President Donald Trump again lashed out at the Justice Department, including the FBI, saying its unprecedented raid of his Palm Beach home was a “sneak attack” that has left Americans “angry, hurt, and greatly embarrassed.”
Former President Donald J. Trump, TFP File Photo

The Democrats whiffed again on Friday.

After years of trying to “get” former President Donald Trump for anything they could, House Democrats released six years of his income tax returns.

As the conservative Twitter user, Catturd posted, “After 6 years of the insane, psychotic Left hyperventilating 24/7 about Trump’s tax returns – they were released, and it was a nothing burger. I can’t stop laughing.”

Liberals will claim the returns will show that Trump was not the superstar business mogul he claimed to be since he lost a lot of money between 2015 and 2020, or that he didn’t make all the charitable donations that he promised.

But what the returns also seem to show is that liberals hit a big dead end on all their claims.

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There is no connection to Russia, there was no tax dodging, there were no illegal income streams that secretly enriched Trump.

Trump, in essence, did what many wealthy people do, including Democrats in Congress whose returns we won’t see: He took advantage of tax laws as written.

As the left-wing Associated Press noted in its report on the release, “The returns underscore how Trump used tax law to minimize his liability.”

In his analysis of the release, National Review columnist Ryan Ellis, a tax policy analyst and an enrolled agent of the IRS, noted, “Today’s Trump tax-return dump was a lot of buildup for not a lot of interesting output.”

But on Friday, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee had their own take on the Democrats’ partisan action to make the private public. 

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They issued a 17-page rebuttal to Democrats for this unprecedented step of forcing the disclosure of an American taxpayer’s returns.

The Republicans noted that they “are concerned that this politically motivated action unleashes a dangerous new political weapon reaching far beyond the former President and overturns decades of privacy protections for average Americans.

“Going forward, the new precedent is that the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee have nearly unlimited power to target and make public the tax returns of private citizens, political enemies, business or labor leaders, or even Supreme Court justices. No party in Congress should hold that power. No individual should hold the power to embarrass, harass, or destroy a private citizen through disclosure of their tax returns. But the Committee Majority has demonstrated that the tax-writing committees do have that power.”

“After nearly half a century, the political enemies list is back in Washington, D.C, and the Committee’s actions … will unleash a new cycle of political retribution in Congress.”

In their conclusion, the GOP lawmakers noted, “The true intentions of Committee Majority are clear: by any means possible, make public the confidential tax return information of a single taxpayer in an effort to embarrass and destroy a political enemy.”

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“It didn’t have to be this way,” the dissenters added.

“Release of the former President’s tax returns does absolutely nothing to advance a legislative purpose. The release of the full returns shows that the Committee’s report and legislation on the Presidential Mandatory Audit Program is nothing more than a charade and an effort to provide cover for the political retribution they have executed against the former President.”

“This effort was unnecessary and will leave a stain on the Ways and Means Committee for years to come. The consequences will be significant and even Democrats are likely to come to regret these actions. They may come to regret it sooner than they think.”

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